2021年度9月入学生の皆様へ(新入生一律5万円の特別支援金給付の方法・時期について)/ To all students enrolling in September AY2021 (regarding the method and time of the special support payment of 50,000 yen for all new students)


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給付に係る手続きには、在学生ポータルサイト「C plus」のアンケート機能、並びに「C plus」に登録されている連絡先メールアドレスを使用しますので、メールアドレスの登録内容を予め確認し、不備がある場合は直ちに修正をしてください。


なお、「C plus」に登録されているメールアドレス」は、「C plus」にログインして「メールアドレス登録」というメニューで確認・登録ができます。メニューが見つからない場合は、「状況確認+」の「+」ボタンを押すと表示されます。なお、ご自身で登録の変更をしていない場合は、基本的に全学メール(が登録されています。









※日本国外に滞在中でセブン銀行ATMでの受取りが不可能な方については、給付の手続きを 別途ご案内いたします。




「C plus」のアンケート機能を用いて、特別支援金の申請を受け付けます。




上記①の申請者に対して、「C plus」に登録されているメールアドレス宛に、特別支援金の受取に必要な認証コード等をお送りしますので、お近くのセブン銀行ATMにて、操作案内に従って認証コード等を入力し、特別支援金を受取ってください。





中央大学総務部校友課 新入生特別支援金担当


Congratulations on your enrollment.

As announced in the news on the university's official website dated March 1, 2021, Chuo University will provide a special support payment of 50,000 yen to all new students (Faculties, Graduate Programs, and Professional Graduate Schools) for AY2021 to assist them with the cost of maintaining the information environment for their studies under the COVID-19 pandemic.

For students to apply for the benefits, the university will use the questionnaire function of the portal site "C plus" and the contact e-mail address registered in "C plus" for current students. Please check your registered e-mail address beforehand and correct any inaccuracies immediately.


Students can check their e-mail address registered in "C plus" or register their e-mail address by logging in to "C plus" and clicking on "Register e-mail address" in the menu. If you cannot find the menu, click the "+" button under "Status Check +" to display it. If you have not registered your e-mail address, the university-wide e-mail address ( is set as default.


In addition, the method for receiving the special support payment and its schedule are as follows.


(1) Eligibility for the special support payment

Among students enrolled in September AY2021 (all courses except correspondence courses), those enrolled as of October 21, AY2021 (including students absent from school temporarily)


(2) Method for receiving the special support payment

Students can receive cash from their local Seven Bank ATM through the Seven Bank "ATM cash receipt service” provided by Seven Payment Service, Ltd.

Note: For students staying outside Japan who are unable to receive the special support payment from a Seven Bank ATM, the university will separately inform them on how to receive the payment.


(3) Schedule for the special support payment (scheduled)

October 22, 2021–November 8, 2021

Applications for the special support payment shall be accepted through the questionnaire function of “C plus.”

If you are staying outside Japan, please inform the university according to the questionnaire.


November 12, 2021–

The university will send applicants in the above an authentication code and other information necessary for receiving the special support payment to the e-mail address registered in "C plus." Please enter the authentication code into an a nearby Seven Bank ATM and follow the instructions to receive the special support payment.

The statement printed out when you receive the payment will serve as proof of receipt for the special support payment. Please keep it in a safe place.

The period for receiving the payment is 90 days from the day students receive the e-mail from the university.



Student Affairs Section in charge of the special support payment, General Affairs Division, Chuo University