Application Guidelines for New Residents in April, 2024


The International Residence Chuo will be accepting applications for new residents to enter in April, 2024. We welcome your application if you agree with the concept of the Residence and wish to develop through residential life. The Application Form is at the bottom of this page.




If you enroll in the IRC, you will have a significant opportunity to develop yourself by living with other residents with diverse cultural backgrounds, and actively interacting with them.
On the other hand, communal living is totally different from living alone or with your family as before. It means you need to respect other residents and also comply with relevant rules (IRC Rules and Regulations, rules in the unit, social rules such as separating trash, mandatory meetings/events, etc.). If you move into the IRC without acknowledging the above concept, it may cause trouble to the communal life in the IRC. In some cases, you may not fit in well with first-time living alone environment; you may not follow rules resulting in isolation in the unit/IRC; your room may become just a living space as your intension is only to study for certification exam, hardly interacting with others. That would be unfortunate not just for you but for other residents who might be inconvenienced by the perception gap.
Of course, there are a lot of advantages in living in IRC, however, we sincerely hope that not only parents but also applicants are well aware that you need to collaborate with each other and observe rules in communal life at IRC.
Also, please note that as a rule, we do not accept any changes or cancellations during the contract period.

応募・選考スケジュール Application/Selection Schedule




  第1期募集 第2期募集 第3期募集 第4期募集
応募資格 在学生(ULもしくはIRCサポーター希望者) 新入生(役職なし)
申込期間  2023年11月27日(月)~12月3日(日) 2024年1月26日(金)~2月4日(日) 2024年2月17日(土)~2月29日(木) 2024年3月11日(月)~3月19日(火)13:00
面接日時連絡 2023年12月6日(水)
面接日 2023年12月11日(月)~12月15日(金)
選考結果連絡 2023年12月20日(水) 2024年2月8日(木) 2024年3月5日(火) 2024年3月21日(木)
入寮手続期間 2024年1月5日(金)~1月11日(木) 2024年2月19日(月)~2月24日(土) 2024年3月7日(木)~3月15日(金) 2024年3月22日(金)~3月25日(月)
入寮手続時申込金 129,630円*



契約期間 2024年3月26日~2025年2月28日



その他 共同生活を円滑に行うため、各種ルールを厳守してもらいます(一部抜粋)。
  • 週1回のユニット内ミーティングや寮内イベント、ガイダンス等の参加必須。
  • 関係者以外入室および立ち入りの幇助禁止(家族の面会も5階共有部のみ)。
  • 異性の居住エリアへの立ち入りおよび立入の幇助禁止。


  • 共用施設利用後は、必ず元の状況に戻すこと。
  • 21時以降は静穏な環境を維持すること(通常時も他の寮生の迷惑になるような騒音は禁止)。


※Current students can only apply for either UL or IRC supporter (we do not recruit RA in this selection).

※New students who are accepted to Chuo University can only apply for one of the following selections. (Students who are waiting for announcements of additional acceptance are not eligible to apply.)

※Depending on the number of applications received, the number of openings of the fourth selection may be reduced.

  1st selection 2nd selection 3rd selection 4th selection
Eligibility Current students (UL/IRC Supporter) New students (no position)
Application period November 27, '23 (Mon)-December 3 (Sun) January 26, '24 (Fri)- February 4 (Sun) February 17, '24 (Sat) - 29 (Thu) March 11, '24 (Mon)- 19 (Tue) 13:00
Application documents
face-to-face individual interview
Notice of interview date December 6, '23 (Wed)
(UL applicant only)
Interview period December 11, '23 (Mon) - 15 (Fri)
Announcement of the selection results December 20, '23 (Wed) February 8, '24 (Thu) March 5, '24 (Tue) March 21, '24 (Thu)
Moving in procedure period January 5, '24 (Fri) - 11 (Thu) February 19, '24 (Mon) - 24 (Sat) March 7, '24 (Thu) - 15 (Fri) March 22, '24 (Fri) - 25 (Mon)
Amount at the time of move-in 129,630 yen*
Breakdown: Initial cost 28,600 yen (it will be applied to the move-out cleaning fee), Rent for March 12,400 yen, Rent for April 64,600 yen, Rental futon set 20,130 yen (set up fee 770 yen+ rental fee 1,760 yen×11 months) , Fire insurance 3,900 yen.

*If you don't have a guarantor in Japan, 19,380 yen is required for use of the guarantor system.

*If you cancel the resident’s contract after completing the move-in procedure, you shall pay a penalty equivalent to one month's rent (64,600 yen).

Contract period March 26, 2024 - February 28, 2025

*There are some exceptions such as those who plan to study abroad (advance notice required).

*Students can extend their contract period (screening for contract extension required).

Others Residents shall follow the rules to run community life smoothly (The following are excerpts).
  • Residents shall participate in weekly unit meetings, events, guidance, etc. in the IRC.
  • Entry into or assisting entry into the IRC by non-residents is prohibited. (Family members of residents can visit only the common area on the fifth floor.)
  • Entry into or assisting entry into living areas of other genders is prohibited at all times.

    *Use your student ID card as a key when entering and exiting the IRC, the elevator hall, or the unit. Students are allowed to enter only the relevant areas.

  • After use in the common areas, all equipment shall be returned in original condition, to original locations.
  • All should maintain a quiet environment after 21:00 (Noises that disturb others are prohibited).

New residents will be asked to move in on the designated date and time (end of March). (The designated date and time will be provided in the move-in documents.)

申込方法 How to apply



Complete the Application Form below.

* After you complete and send your application, you will receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive a confirmation email, your application has not been successfully completed.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the International Center.