International Residence Chuo

Chuo University’s mission is to foster individuals who contribute to human welfare with global perspectives and practical applications. To provide an environment to nurture such global individuals, Chuo opened the International Residence Chuo (IRC) in April 2020. The IRC is shared accommodation with students living in separate units that contain six private rooms each and where students from various backgrounds can share community life.
The concept of the IRC is to facilitate interculturality among students through daily life living together.
Based on this concept, various events, orientations, and meetings will be held in the IRC. Residents should actively participate in these events.

Implementation of the structure of the IRC concept is led by the RAs. In addition, the Concept, Mission, Vision, and Value were designed to clarify the goals for dormitory life. Residents live supporting each other towards achieving these goals.

IRC concept(419KB)

Public Spaces

Common kitchen has IH cooking heater, cookware, and dishes. There are facilities necessary for life, such as laundry room, bathroom, storage room, and common lounge.

Common facilities: kitchen (5F), lounge (5F), hall (5F), theaters (2F), meeting rooms (7, 9F), Japanese rooms (5, 8F), training rooms (3, 4F), storage rooms (1F), bathrooms (1F), toilets (1F, 5F), coin laundries (1F), spare rooms (1F), mail box room (1F), delivery lockers (1F), vending machines (5F), prayer rooms (Global Gateway Chuo)

There are English speaking live-in managers in the residence to support residents.

Private Space

Each unit containing six private rooms has a shower (no bathtub), dressing room, toilets, washbasins, mini kitchen, dining table, chairs, shoe storage, microwave, white board, and separate trash bin. Private rooms (10㎡) are equipped with: air conditioner, open closet, bed, desk, chair, fridge, lighting, curtain, hanging laundry-pole holders, wireless LAN, and TV socket (terrestrial channels only).

Management Policy

All residents need to value diversity and help each other for comfortable residence life. As the support staff (student leaders) to make the system, there are Resident Assistants (RAs) and Unit Leaders (ULs). In addition, there are rules and regulations for smooth community living.

What is a Resident Assistant (RA)?

RAs support all residents to develop strong identification within the residence, as well as to have comfortable and fulfilling community life. They facilitate communication to organize events and play a role to develop the continuity of residence life. They cooperate with the Front Office and the International Center in planning and running events and improving the environment in the IRC.

What is a Unit Leader (UL)?

ULs strive to bring the unit together, create Unit Contracts, and hold meetings in the unit, engage in maintenance of the environment in the unit, and ensure the environment for comfortable unit life. In addition to coordinating the unit and supporting residential life, ULs also play a role as a bridge among students in the unit, the Front Office, and the International Center.

RA/UL Training system

RAs and ULs are required to have leadership, intercultural understanding, and communication skills. Training courses are provided free of charge and some courses are compulsory.

(some are compulsory)

Training for team building and leadership
Training for cultural understanding, communication skills, and personal relations
English language course (on-campus TOEIC course) *free of charge
Emergency first-response and disaster prevention training

RA/UL benefits

RAs and ULs are responsible for residence management and are expected to give time and effort to support the IRC and fellow residents. Therefore, the following benefits are provided.

RA/UL will be paid for residence arrival support (twice a year), with registration as part-time staff at Chuo, paid according to the hours worked.
Resident Leader・RA Leader will be paid 180,000 yen annual subsidy for rent payment (with certain standards/ payment four times)
RA will be paid 140,000 yen annual subsidy for rent payment (with certain standards/ payment four times)
UL will be paid 40,000 yen annual subsidy for rent payment (with certain standards/ payment four times)

What is an IRC supporter?

Based on requests from RAs, “IRC Supporters” assist with IRC activities from time to time, including events, campus tours, and beautification activities. There is less time required (about 1 hour per month) compared to RA/UL, and Supporters can contribute to IRC management as suits their lifestyles (no rent subsidy).

Rules and Regulations of the residence for smooth community life (excerpts)

  • Residents shall participate in twice-a-month unit meetings, events, guidance, etc. in the IRC.
  • Entry into or assisting entry into the IRC by non-residents is prohibited. (Family members of residents can visit the common area on the fifth floor.)
  • Entry into or assisting entry into living areas of other genders is prohibited at all times. *Use your student ID card as a key when entering the IRC (allowed to enter only permitted areas).
  • After use of common facilities, all equipment shall be returned in original condition, to original locations.
  • Do not make noises that disturb others after 21:00. All should maintain a quiet environment.

Facts About (Equipment and Rent)

Building name International Residence Chuo
Address 413-1 Higashinakano, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo 192-0351 (This is different from the University address.)
Access On-campus, 1 minute walk from the Tama Monorail Chuo-Daigaku Meisei-Daigaku Station
Rooms 300 rooms (6 private rooms in each unit x 50)
Private rooms (approx. 10㎡) are equipped with:
air conditioner, open closet, bed, desk, chair, fridge, lighting, curtain, hanging laundry-pole holders, wireless LAN, and TV socket (terrestrial channels only)
Structure of building

Nine-story, reinforced concrete

Rent 64,600 yen (monthly) *All utilities included (electricity, gas, water and Internet)
Initial cost 28,600 yen (at the time of moving in)
Other charges

1,760 yen (tax incl.) (monthly) for a rental bedding set, plus a set-up fee: 770 yen (tax incl.) (first month only)
*In a lump sum payment for the contract period (non-refundable if moving out during the contract period).
*All residents are required to rent a bedding set.
*Available services (free of charge): sheets cleaning twice a month and storage of a winter quilt during summer

Use of the guarantor system: 19,380 yen a year (for those who do not have a guarantor in Japan only)
Fire insurance: 3,900 yen a year
Contract period As a general rule, 1 year. However, residents can extend their contract period (extension screening is required).
At the procedure for moving in, students will have a fixed-term lease contract with Chuo’s designated company.

Lessor: Sekisui House Real Estate Tokyo Ltd.
Office in charge: IRC Management Office (National Students Information Center Co., Ltd.)

Cycle Parking Bicycle: free of charge (spaces are limited)
Motorcycle: 1,100 yen a month (tax incl.)
Others A room cleaning fee (28,600 yen including tax, 40,150 yen including tax for a barrier-free room) as an initial cost must be paid upon moving in procedure. Depending on the condition of the room, a repair fee may be charged when moving out.
University will assign your room. Conditions may vary depending on the floor and room location, but you cannot change that room.

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Contact Information

Please contact the persons in charge of the IRC at the International Center for further information.

TEL: 042-674-2216
FAX: 042-674-2214