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Alumni Network Section

The Alumni Network Section, in the cooperation with the Chuo University Alumni Association, is working toward building a network connecting the University with alumni, and providing support for a network of mutual cooperation among alumni.

Activities include collecting information about the University's graduates, providing information of interest about the University to as many alumni as possible, holding Homecoming Day festivities to welcome back alumni, and promoting various alumni activities. The Alumni Network Section also provides support for class reunions and seminar reunions.

Chuo University Alumni Association

More than one hundred and thirty years have passed since Chuo University was founded as Igirisu Horitsu Gakko (the English Law School). Since then more than 610,000 graduates have passed through Chuo's Hakumon, or "White Gate," and taken their places in all walks of life, where their activities have been a source of pride for both Chuo and Japan.

Graduates are known as gakuin, or alumni. The Chuo University Alumni Association is an organization formed to gather the strength of the alumni for the benefit and development of their old school, and to encourage and deepen friendship. The Association and Koyukai (Friends of the School Association) date back to 1888 and today have 251 branches both in Japan and overseas, all engaged in lively activities.

Parents Liaison Association

This association was launched in 1983, with optional membership, as a permanent organization to encourage exchanges of information between students’ parents and the University. Since 1988, however, membership comprises all parents of undergraduate students, and 54 branches have now been established.

The Parents Liaison Association keeps parents advised of developments at the University, events in campus life, and the employment climate via parents’ meetings, future path- and career-oriented events, and the newsletter Kusa no Midori (The Green of the Grass). In addition, the various branches of the Association carry out activities such as rooting for the University runners in the Ekiden road relay and promoting lectures, to allow parents of students to become better acquainted with each other.

Homecoming Day

Homecoming Day is a festival held each year with the cooperation of the Alumni Association to welcome back graduates. It is the sincere wish of the Association that this event will provide alumni with opportunities to enjoy meeting old friends and professors once again, and allow them to widen their circle of friends and strengthen their bonds with former classmates.

Kusa no Midori (The Green of the Grass)

Issued 6 times a year, the Parents Liaison Association newsletter Kusa no Midori (The Green of the Grass) keeps parents throughout Japan informed of the activities of the University and its students.

Gakuin Jiho (Alumni Association Newsletter)

Chuo Daigaku Gakuin Jiho (the Chuo University Alumni Association Newsletter) informs alumni of goings-on related to their alma mater, including the achievements of other alumni, events and lectures held by the Association, and the activities of branch divisions. Published bi-monthly, it plays a key role in keeping alumni and the University connected. Established in 1966, it currently has over 100,000 readers.
*The Newsletter is sent to all dues-paying members of the Alumni Association.