Chuo University promotes HeForShe

Since its foundation as the English Law School in 1885, Chuo University has based its education on respect for the individual. In the years since the war, Chuo has continued to develop its principles in education and research, and its social contribution through the practice and promotion of equality under the law and basic human rights.

As one of our initiatives to protect women from violence, we have been actively involved in protecting victims of violence through our research and education programs on preventing domestic violence. In addition, as volunteers, Chuo students have been participating in theatrical plays on and off campus to promote public awareness on dating violence.

At Chuo, we also firmly believe in supporting women's financial independence. One of our initiatives aimed at supporting women's education and career design is a program to strengthen education for young women in the Science & Engineering Faculty through collaboration among industry, academia and government. Chuo also conducts research on work-life balance in an effort to allow more women to continue their careers for the improvement of society. This research is being conducted by both women and men, again working together with industry, academia and government.

The first victims of war and destabilization are women and children. To further study and research policies on peace, Chuo has created an active, student-centered program based on collaboration with universities internationally. We are proud to have graduated many alumni who are now contributing globally to solve conflicts.

Chuo University will actively continue to promote initiatives that raise the status and capabilities of women through research, education and student activities that contribute to the improvement of gender equality in society.

Chuo University's commitment

Chuo University supports UN Women's HeForShe movement for gender equality, and will continue to strengthen initiatives that raise the status and capabilities of women in the world.

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HeForShe Symposium

On Wednesday, September 23 (national holiday), 2015, there will be a HeForShe Symposium held at Chuo University with speakers from Japan Center for Conflict Prevention, UN Women, and more. This Symposium is one of Chuo's initiatives supporting HeForShe, a gender equality movement led by UN Women.

HeForShe Symposium organized by Chuo University
Commemorating UN's 70th anniversary and establishment of UN Women's Japan Liaison Office
Date Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Time 16:20 – 17:50
Place Chuo University Korakuen Campus Building No. 3, 3rd floor
Also shown live at Tama Campus Hilltop G Square
Keynote Lecture Rumiko Seya, President, Japan Center for Conflict Prevention
Panel Discussion speakers Hironobu Narisawa, Director of Bunkyo Ward
Kayoko Fukushima, Director, UN Women Japan Liaison Office
Kaoru Nemoto, Director, United Nations Information Centre, Tokyo
Rumiko Seya, President, Japan Center for Conflict Prevention
Hiroki Sato, Professor, Chuo Graduate School of Strategic Management

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HeForShe Inititative

Chuo University is a member of the United Nations Academic Impact, and endorses the HeForShe campaign led by UN Women.

HeForShe focuses on:

  1. Ending Violence Against Women
  2. Women's Economic Empowerment
  3. Women's Role in Politics & Peace Building

In support for HeForShe, Chuo will:

  1. Introduce message from Chuo's Chancellor and President on the university website.
  2. Promote HeForShe campaign from July to September of 2015, and spread the word to advocates in the faculty, alumni, and student groups through various activities.
  3. Organize a HeForShe Symposium in September
  4. Promote student-led campaign in October with support from Chuo's Non-Harassment Movement group