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Athletic Facilities

Chuo University ranks among the top universities in Japan in terms of its athletic facilities. The facilities are used not only for lessons and extracurricular activities, but also for various public sports events and for the “President’s Cup” Sports Competition. In addition, they are open to elementary and junior high schools and the local community.

Tama Campus

In addition to two gymnasiums, there are indoor and outdoor pools, a riding ground, an athletics ground, a soccer field, a rugby field, and fields for Japanese nanshiki baseball and regulation (hardball) baseball. Many of the facilities are accredited by relevant athletic federations.

Korakuen Campus

Korakuen Campus features an indoor arena in Building No. 5 which is used for P.E. classes for students at Faculty of Science and Engineering and extracurricular activities.

List of Athletic Facilities

Tama Campus Gymnasium No.1 1st fl: Training rooms, classrooms, staff rooms
2nd fl: Training rooms, athletic facilities center office
3rd fl: Arena, grandstand
Outdoor pool
(accredited by Japan Swimming Federation)
Swimming pool (50m x 25m, 9 lanes)
Diving platform (10m)
Riding ground 4,442 square meters
Rugby field 9,945 square meters (artificial turf)
Japanese archery ground Shooting gallery (11 stands), training hall with practice targets
Basketball courts 3 (double as tennis courts)
Volleyball courts 6 (double as tennis courts)
Gymnasium No.2 1st fl: Office, heated swimming pool (25m), shooting gallery (accredited by National Rifle Association of Japan)
2nd fl: Arena
Annex: classrooms, staff rooms
Athletics ground 400m track, 8 lanes (accreditied by Japan Association of Athletics Federation)
Baseball field (regulation size) 96m from left field wall to right field wall, includes covered all-weather pitching facility
Baseball field (for Japanese nanshiki baseball) Doubles as a softball field
Soccer field 10,902 square meters, artificial turf
Soft-tennis courts 6
Tennis courts (regulation size) 4
Handball courts) 2
Golf driving range 15 tee positions
Student field Multipurpose grounds, all-weather basketball court (doubles as a tennis court), volleyball court
Korakuen Campus Arena ( Building No.5) Multipurpose arena (volleyball, badminton. mini-soccer, basketball, etc.)
Koishkawa Campus Arena Multipurpose arena (basketball court, mini-basketball courts, volleyball courts, badminton courts)
Annex Multipurpose rooms

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