Faculty of Science and Engineering

Integrated Science and Engineering for Sustainable Societies

  The Department of Integrated Science and Engineering for Sustainable Societies is a newly launched department dating from 2013, dedicated to improving the quality of life for all people through transforming knowledge of science and engineering into practice in a wide range of human life situations. Areas of study and research include environmental design and conservation to realize harmonious development of humans and nature, development of resource circulation systems to support sustainable lives, visualization of thoughts and behaviors of humans through the application of sensing tools and information technologies, and promotion of human wellness through lifesaving technologies and biological statistics.

  For executing these academic practices, students in our Department are offered unique educational disciplines to acquire basic knowledge of science, to experience project-based learning to become capable of finding and solving problems, and opportunities to embrace working expertise leading to the solution of progressively more complex problems.

  Over 40 percent of our students continue their studies in graduate schools to further deepen and expand their academic and professional understanding. Through their academic endeavors, students inevitably acquire advanced communication skills, including scientific writing, presentation techniques, and group discussion management. Moreover, our Department has been actively promoting global education through international collaboration, resulting in the highest participation rate in exchange programs among all departments in the Faculty of Science and Engineering. Many students also take certification examinations on a voluntary basis and successfully achieve qualifications, such as the Associate Professional Engineers, the Certification for Statistics (level-2), and high scores on TOEIC exams.

  In short, such unique educational opportunities encourage and allow students to explore active career design in various engineering and business domains in society.

Fields of interest

Environmental design
Conservation ecology
Spatial information science
Applied cognitive neurosciences
Water metabolic system engineering
Environment and energy management
Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Human wellness and life saving