How to use the databases

  1. Click database name on from the list.
  2. You will go to the page that describes the database. Confirm the contents of the database and carefully read the points to note in using them. Click the access button to use the database.
  3. Specific points to keep in mind about copyright. The databases and their contents are protected under copyright and other laws and regulations. Please comply with the following:

1) Electronic data accumulation is prohibited.
2) Commercial use of the data is prohibited.
3) Electronic data redistribution (transfer, etc.) is prohibited.
4) The use is limited to academic research.
5) Printing using a printer, etc. is limited to one copy per user.

*Users who do not belong to Chuo University are not permitted to access databases other than the database provided by NII (National Institute of Informatics), the National Diet Library database, TOKYO Metropolitan Libraries OPAC (for Public) for searching library books, the website of the Courts in Japan, Ingenta, and PubMed.

List of external online databases