Faculty of Science and Engineering


   The Department of Mathematics offers excellent opportunities for exploring the world of mathematics. The principal aim of the Department is to educate students with programs in mathematics, statistical science and computer science at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Research at the professional level is also encouraged.

   There is currently a great demand in the society for highly qualified mathematicians, statisticians and computer scientists. To meet this demand, the Department is offering well-coordinated courses for learning fitted capabilities. Our educational programs include, Introduction to Set Theory, Elementary and Advanced Calculus, Linear Algebra, General Topology, Algebra, Geometry, Statistical Mathematics, Programing Language, as well as more advanced mathematics. Furthermore, we have our own library and computer room available for students.

   Our students, in preparation for a wide variety of careers, find that they can increase their capabilities for analyzing, formulating and solving problems arising not only from mathematics but also from any human activities.  Mathematical study provides an appreciation of one of the most wonderful and useful human activities.

Fields of interest

Algebraic Geometry, Arithmetic Geometry
Complex Manifold Theory
Functional Analysis, Nonlinear Semigroup Theory
Differential Equations, Wave Equations
Integrable Systems
Differential Geometry, Riemannian Geometry
Topology, Mathematical Physics
Foliation Theory, Contact Topology and Geometry
Symplectic Geometry, Group Actions
Statistical Science, Multivariate Analysis
Computer Science, Computational Topology