Faculty of Global Management

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“Be Ahead of the World.” This is our slogan at GLOMAC (Faculty of Global Management, Chuo University). Our goal is to provide education and research for global leaders of the next generation. Management, economics, global area studies, and other related academic fields together with foreign language courses on English, Chinese, and Spanish are offered in order to stimulate your potentiality to work for the people and to benefit the world. Seeking “Sustainability” for the prosperity of the world is one of the key issues you should be interested in pursuing.

We have many talented and progressive students from Japan and from overseas joining The Faculty of Global Management. We hope that you will make a lot of friends, learn valuable lessons, and understand a variety of different viewpoints of people from different cultures at Chuo University.

We encourage you to make meaningful connections and embrace the many opportunities provided at GLOMAC.

Shun-itsu NAKASAKO Dean, Faculty of Global Management