Business School (Chuo Graduate School of Strategic Management)

Since we are aware of the significance of strategic business management in this globalized world, there is a pressing need to nurture business people with strategic management skills who succeed in the rapid changes of society and economics. Moreover, legal issues associated with corporate planning are becoming more important when it comes to corporate decision making.

Through the MBA program at Chuo Graduate School of Strategic Management, we offer programs which integrate key business components ; business strategy, marketing, human resource management and corporate legal issues. Taking advantage of a long tradition of legal education at Chuo University, this integrated program is designed to prepare students who are familiarized with both legal and management issues in the corporate world. By bringing together a group of highly-qualified specialists in these areas, Chuo Graduate School of Strategic Management will train you to develop unparalleled “Leadership Thinking”.

Mission of the program

  • Pursue the main aim of this program: “Strategy,” which continues to become increasingly significant in business management.
  • Nurture human resources who are able to think strategically in all aspects of business management
  • Support strategic thinking with a legal mind-set

The Chuo Graduate School of Strategic Management is a business school for working professionals, upholding a mission to "foster change leaders who can change themselves, their organizations, and society by putting strategic management into practice."

Recognizing we live in a VUCA world, the modern business environment is facing ever-greater waves of change. Changes such as environmental challenges, the development of AI, and geopolitical changes are all transforming our society and business practices. In such an era, change leaders are required who not only respond to change, but who also take these trends as opportunities to make such changes meaningful. By fostering such change leaders, we aim to help people change themselves as well as the organizations they work for and, in turn, change society for the better.

The mission of fostering change leaders is rooted in Chuo University's spirit of practical learning. Since the opening of Igirisu Horitsu Gakko (English Law School) in 1885, Chuo University has been committed to contributing to society by nurturing individuals dedicated to underpinning society and pioneering the future by returning to the University’s founding spirit of "Knowledge into Action”

This spirit, which aims not only to study but also to utilize what is learned to create value for society, is reflected in the official name of the graduate school, the "Chuo Graduate School of Strategic Management." It reflects our desire for students to study not only "business strategy" as an academic discipline, but to learn to "manage strategically" and to continue to put this into practice beyond their studies. By learning and organically linking five disciplines of “Strategy,” “Marketing,” “Human Resource Management,” “Finance,” and “Business Law,” and by "Knowledge into Action," we foster change leaders who have the ability to think strategically and to put strategy into practice.

To this end, the Chuo Graduate School of Strategic Management offers a program in which students can acquire the theories, frameworks, and latest business knowledge essential for thinking strategically. The program entails comprehensive learning of the five disciplines, from the basics to application, ensuring students cultivate the ability to put strategy into practice through “Action and Reflection,” “Field Learning,” and “Project Research.”

The first, “Action & Reflection,” is a cycle in which students practice what they learn in the classroom (action) and then reflect on the results (reflection), thereby linking knowledge to practice and enhancing their ability to put strategy into practice. “Action & Reflection” is required in many courses, including the compulsory subject of “Leadership Core” as well as in the semi-annual Reflection Seminar, where you can share your thoughts and ideas with like-minded classmates, reflect on what you have learned, and consider how you will apply your learning to your work in order to become a change leader.

The second, "Field Learning," is a program in which you explore the issues companies and society are actually facing, proposing solutions based on hands-on experiencing in the field. This program can be described as a practical experience-based program that truly embodies the spirit of practical learning.

The third, “Project Research,” is the culmination of two years of learning, in which full-time faculty members and students spend one year working closely together. By compiling your own issues and what you have learned in our program into a thesis or business plan, you will create new business knowledge capable of changing society.

The Chuo Graduate School of Strategic Management offers an unparalleled original program and a wide variety of professors to guide you as you change yourself, change existing business, change organizations, and change society. We are confident you will develop your abilities to the fullest in this rich learning environment and realize the "change" that you are striving for.

Ryoko TOYAMA Dean, Chuo Graduate School of Strategic Management, Business School

Chuo Business School earns AMBA business education accreditation

On September 20, 2022, the Chuo Business School (CBS) received accreditation for business education from the Association of MBAs (AMBA), an international accreditation body based in the UK.
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An article introducing CBS was published in the AMBA magazine Ambition’s May issue.
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