Research Projects

No Projects Project Leaders
114 Modern Chinese Thought and Society FUKAMACHI Hideo
119 Urban Apparitions and their Geopolitical Restoration KOBAYASHI Saeko
122 Development of Vision and Cognition YAMAGUCHI Masami
126 English Literature and Film MIYAMARU Yuji
132 History of Cities and Nations in Afro-Eurasia TAKAHASHI Hiroaki
133 Historical Science and Cultural Heritage YAMAZAKI Kei
135 Diachrony and Synchrony in Language ARAI Yoichi
137 Criticism and the Arts MORIOKA Miho
139 Groundwork for Modern English Literature AKIYAMA Yoshimi
141 Archaeology and History KOBAYASHI Kenichi
142 Planetary Thinking and Possibilities of American Literary Study TAKAO Naochika
145 Acquisition and Use of Linguistic Knowledge HIRAKAWA Makiko
146 History, Society, and Culture of the Americas ODA Yuki
147 British Women Poets in the 18th and 19th Centuries KANETAKE Michiko
148 Clinical Psychological Research on Comprehensive Mental Health for Children and Adults TOMITA Takuro
149 Philosophy of Reality TERAMOTO Tsuyoshi
151 The Universe of Short Stories TANJI Tatsuro
152 Comprehensive Understanding of Higher Brain Function MIDORIKAWA Akira
153 Linguistic Knowledge in Polyglots MATTHEWS, John
154 Language and Culture in Contemporary American Society KATOGI Yoshihumi
155 New stage of Chinese culture study IIZUKA Yutori
156 Literature and Thought in the era of European Romanticism ITO Syuichi
157 More accurate measurement of second language processing INNAMI Yo
158 History and Culture of the Hispanic World SAKAMOTO Hiroshi
159 Gender/Sexuality in Culture and Representation NAGASHIMA Saeko
160 Global, local, ethnicity in Anglophone Literature NAKAMURA Toru
161 Antisemitism debate in Berlin ISHIDA Yuichi
162 A comparative study of Japan and Europe on youth self-formation in the context of immigration―Focusing on the transition from school to work IKEDA Kenichi
163 Globalization Process and Language Training FUNAKI Ritsuko
164 Fantastic creatures of the world WATANABE Koji
165 La Tolérance du Seizième siècle Tolerance in the 16th century AIDA Yoshiko
166 Reconstruction of Japanese Language Education Rebuilding  Reconstructing  Reforming  Recreating  Reformulation NAKAGAWA Yasuhiro
167 Representations of Pygmalion NISHI Ryota
168 Modernism in British Literature and Culture FUKUNISHI Yumiko
169 Stress management: Basic mechanisms and clinical application NAKAMURA Nanako
170 Social Networking and Identities in World History SUGIZAKI Taiichiro
171 Fostering Plurilingual and Pluricultural Competence through Foreign Language Education YAMAURA Angela
172 Application of Cognitive Psychology   ARIGA Atsunori
173 Pragmatic Development in Children with Developmental Language Disorder (DLD)  MATSUI Tomoko
174 Community empowerment based on Citizen Science and Citizen Practice TAKASE Kenkichi