Faculty of Science and Engineering

Biological Sciences

Welcome to the Department of Biological Sciences!

   Undergraduate students in our department participate in exciting interdisciplinary programs, including biology, biochemistry, biophysics, environmental science, pharmaceutical science, computer science, etc. in their final year students complete a research dissertation under the guidance of faculty mentors. Through intensive research experience, students gain substantial guidance to determine an area of interest and to develop their career potential to become researchers. For those who do not continue to graduate studies, undergraduate research experience at our department will still be an asset, as it complements course work and offers opportunities to learn how to conduct collaborative and individual work. Our department has state-of-the-art laboratories located in newest building where students enjoy unparalleled opportunities to acquire advanced techniques and skills.

   Our graduate programs aim to provide advanced education in biological science in various disciplines and intensive research experience under the supervision of our faculty members. Faculty members’ research covers a wide range of field, including the evolution of plants, microbial ecology with an emphasis of the nitrogen cycle, biophysics and molecular biology of cell motility and locomotion, molecular mechanisms underlying cell division processes, biochemistry and the physiology of photosynthesis, bioinformatics to predict protein structure and function, and lipid biotechnology. Students are encouraged to conduct original research that will enable them to become independent scientists.

   Upon graduation, a broad range of career opportunities is available to our students. Potential fields of work include biotechnology and medical research, machine manufacturers, oil and gas, environmental services and equipment, and many more.

Fields of interest

Biosystematics and evolutionary biology
Cell biology
Developmental Biology
Microbial ecology
Molecular biology
Plant physiology