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On Exchange

Chuo University offers a wide range of programs that encourage the exchange of students and researchers with education and research institutions in other countries.

Semester or Full-year

Chuo Summer Program

Degree-seeking Students

Chuo University accepts students from around the world who wish to study full-time in degree programs.

Admission Procedure for Undergraduate

Application Procedure for Graduate (in Japanese)

About partner universities, please check the following page.

Global Partners

Financial Support

Chuo University provides many types of financial support for students.

* Please note that Chuo University scholarships cannot cover all expenses for study in Japan, and will be available only after admission to Chuo University.

Student Life at Chuo University

International Residence Chuo

International Residence Chuo (IRC) opened on the Tama Campus in April 2020. The residence has 50 units containing six private rooms, 300 rooms in total, and students from various backgrounds can share community life. 


Campus Facilities

Chuo University provides fully equipped facilities to meet a wide range of needs for education, research, and sports activities. There are numerous dining facilities and shops on campus that offer a diverse selection of foods, such as Japanese and Western foods, noodles, fast foods, ice cream, coffee and tea.



Information Technology Environment

Co-op and Dining Facilities

Events and Activities

Chuo University offers various events and programs to promote international and intercultural exchange.

Events for International Students

International Lounge (G-Square)

Chuo University supports a wide range of student clubs that provide cultural, musical and sports opportunities.

Student Clubs

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Chuo University has six campuses in Tokyo.

Tama Campus

Tama Campus

  • Faculty of Economics, Graduate School of Economics
  • Faculty of Commerce, Graduate School of Commerce
  • Faculty of Letters, Graduate School of Letters
  • Faculty of Policy Studies, Graduate School of Policy Studies
  • Faculty of Global Management

Access to Tama Campus

Korakuen Campus

Korakuen Campus

  • Faculty of Science and Engineering, Graduate School of Science and Engineering

Access to Korakuen Campus

Ichigaya Tamachi Campus

Ichigaya Tamachi Campus

  • Faculty of Global Informatics
  • Graduate School of Global Informatics

Access to Ichigaya Tamachi Campus

Myogadani Campus

Myogadani Campus

  • Faculty of Law
  • Graduate School of Law

Access to Myogadani Campus

Surugadai Campus

Surugadai Campus

  • Chuo Law School
  • Chuo Graduate School of Strategic Management, Business School (CBS)

Access to Surugadai Campus

Koishikawa Campus

Koishikawa Campus

  • Athletic Facilities

Access to Koishikawa Campus

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