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PROSPECTUS 2021-2022

This is a downloadable version of the Chuo University Prospectus 2021-2022.

Take a look at Chuo's founding spirit, vision, strengths, faculties, global partners, international programs, and more.


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Page 1 (60KB)  Welcome to Chuo, from the President

Page 2-3 (1834KB)  Our History / Our Strengths

Page 4-5 (748KB)  Chuo Vision 2025

Page 6-7 (1,834 KB)  Campuses and Access

Page 8,9,10 (62KB)  Faculties

Page 11-12 (54KB)  Graduate Schools

Page 13 (120KB)  Professional Graduate Schools / Affiliated Schools

Page 14-15 (164KB)  Research Institutes / Other Chuo Initiatives

Page 16-17 (1,769KB)  Global Partners

Page 18-19 (214KB)  International Programs/ International Student Support

Page 20-21 (528KB)  Campus Life/ Sports Activities

Back cover (74KB)