All notices of scholarship applications offered by the International Center will be posted on privately financed international student course on manaba. Application documents can be also downloaded from the privately financed international student course on manaba. Please note that if you fail to submit within the university deadline, for any reason, the application will not be accepted.
In addition, please note that the following students will lose their eligibility for scholarships of the applicable year: those who have not submitted necessary documents required by the International Center, those who have submitted incomplete documents, those who are taking a leave of absence or suspended from university, or have extended the period of their study.

1. Chuo University Scholarships for international students

Chuo University provides scholarships for international students. In 2024, the following scholarships are scheduled, but from 2025 onward, the details are subject to change. For further details, please check the website and manaba when necessary.

Scholarship Name Detail
Academic Support Scholarship Eligibility Undergraduate and Graduate students
Requirements ・Students with a “Student” status of residence (including those who are expected to obtain)
・2nd year or above undergraduate students must meet the credit requirements
・Students who do not receive or have not applied for any scholarships of more than 80,000 yen at the time of application
・The annual income of the financial supporter must be less than 5 million yen
Value Amount equivalent to 30% of tuition fees in a lump sum payment
Duration April 2024~March 2025
Application period May 2024

2. External scholarships

There are two types of external scholarships: those that do not require university recommendation and those that require university recommendation.

Scholarships that do not require university recommendation

For external scholarships that do not require university recommendation, please check privately financed international student course on manaba and if you meet the requirements, you can apply directly. Those who meet the requirements of each scholarship institution or organization can apply.

Scholarships that require university recommendation

For external scholarships that require university recommendation, please check privately financed international student course on manaba and submit the necessary documents. The International Center will fairly conduct the university selection to recommend the scholarship institutions or organizations based on the submitted documents. The selection results will be informed individually on privately financed international student course on manaba or by email. Be sure to check the results

Selection criteria

Those who meet the selection criteria by the scholarship institutions or organizations are eligible, and the selection is made by checking whether scholarship applicants meet the purpose and eligibility of the scholarships offered by each institution or organization based on overall information, such as the academic ability, personal evaluation, and financial need of the applicants.
However, those who have not submitted the necessary documents required by the International Center, or those who have submitted incomplete documents are considered ineligible for the university selection.
We cannot recommend one student at the same time for multiple scholarships that are not allowed to receive together. When you apply for the external institutions through the university selection, once the institution officially receives your application, you cannot cancel later.

Academic ability

Eligibility Reference requirements
1st year undergraduate students Those who have a high score on the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU)
For scholarships open for applications in the second semester, grades of the 1st semester (GPA and number of credits earned) may be added to the evaluation process.
2nd year or above undergraduate students Students who have earned the required credits and with a high GPA in the previous year
For 3rd and 4th year students, the total GPA may be added to the evaluation process.
Graduate students Students with a high GPA up to the previous year
For 1st year students, the grades (GPA and number of credits earned) of the university (graduate school) they attended before entering Chuo University will be used in the evaluation process.

Selection criteria

Selection criteria will be informed on International Student’s Guidebook

Personality and financial criteria

International student information card (Information Card) and submitted documents will be referred. If you submit any false documents, you will be excluded from the selection. If necessary, an interview will be held.

3. Monbukagakusho (MEXT) Honors Scholarship for privately financed international students

  1. We will select the number of students for recommendations specified by MEXT for each faculty and graduate school.
  2. For those who meet the recommendation criteria by MEXT, we will decide the nominees and the priorities for recommendation according to the university scholarship selection criteria.
  3. After acceptance, if you fail to confirm the enrollment for two months, you are considered to have declined and we will recommend another student.
  4. We cannot recommend those who are recommended to other scholarships for Honors Scholarship at the same time. Please be careful when you apply.
  5. Incoming students who have received a Reservation Notice from JASSO will be advised of the procedure at the International Student Guidance after enrollment.

4. Five points for scholarship application

  1. Submit necessary documents such as International student information card, and take the written examination for scholarship selection if you are a graduate student.
  2. Understand the scholarship application schedule and the university recommendation system.
  3. Check the International Center’s manaba frequently.
  4. Read the notification of scholarship application and prepare necessary documents for application without incompletion.
  5. Be careful to observe the submission deadline for application documents.

5. Q&A

Q1. I want to know the previous results of scholarship acceptance.

Please refer to 7. Due to the limitation of the number to be accepted, the applicant may not be selected, though financial matters and grades meet the selection criteria. Even if the applicant was accepted in the previous year, it does not mean to be accepted this year.

Q2. Can I apply for multiple scholarships?

Yes, but if you are recommended to one of the scholarships after the university selection, the application to the other scholarships will be rejected. In addition, during the nomination after the university selection, you cannot apply for other scholarships required the university selection.

Q3. Can I receive multiple scholarships at a time?

Some are available and some are not. The requirements are different for each scholarship. Please check all scholarships application guidelines when you apply.

Q4. I heard from a senior international student that if I apply for a certain scholarship, I can definitely receive it. Is it true?

No. All scholarships have the limitation of the number to be recommended and accepted. There are no such scholarships that all applicants can definitely receive. Please check privately financed international student course on manaba rather than getting information between international students.

Q5. After the submission deadline, I found the document was incomplete. Can I submit additional document?

No. If you miss the university submission deadline or if the documents are incomplete, for any reason, additional documents will not be accepted.

Q6. Can I submit my friend’s application documents together with mine?

No. It is not accepted. The student who wants to receive the scholarship must apply with presenting the student ID card and the residence card.

Q7. The allowance from my home country is decreased and I'm in difficulty for my study abroad life. Will you recommend me?

We cannot recommend you just because your allowance from your home country was decreased. Scholarships are not an “Aid” to help your life, but an “Education” to encourage your study. We will select and recommend based on your achievements.

Q8. I’m not satisfied with the selection results. Please tell me the reason.

We select comprehensively based on the university selection criteria, therefore, we cannot specify the selection results, such as acceptance criteria.

Q9. I passed the university selection and will be recommended. Does it mean I can receive the scholarship?

No. If you are recommended resulting from the Chuo University selection, you will have an opportunity to apply for external organization’s scholarships. However, as a result of the selection of the organization, you may fail.

6. List of scholarships (in Japanese only) (announced from February 2022 to January 2023)

List of scholarships (announced from Feb 2022 to Jan 2023) here (313KB)

7. General information for STUDY IN JAPAN