Featured Research and Researchers

To solve issues of organizations and people that support the citizens' quality of life and to explore the systems which support them

For example, when medical doctors treat patients, alongside with the treatment skill, healthcare system is necessary.

Benefit society by developing new and more effective ways to use microdata

COVID-19 has drawn renewed attention to the importance of information visualization and data-driven policies.

Exploring the effectiveness of sensory marketing and its potential applications

Today, products and services in all industries are becoming commodities, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate them only by functional dimensions such as quality and performance.

Study of living organisms and life phenomena using physics and information science

Physicists have long ignored living organisms as research subjects. However, they have recently turned their attention to modeling life phenomena and protein dynamics.

Seismic measures for water tanks protect "water of life" in preparation for a huge earthquake

In the event of a disaster, securing water is a life-threatening issue. In addition to its use in daily life, certain locations exist where huge amounts of water is indispensable, such as medical sites.

Discover the human potentials and make use of them for society

Every human being has creativity.
No matter how advanced AI becomes, one of the things that only humans can do is to activate ones’ creativity.

Seeking the development of law in response to the global and information societies

The legal system cannot be altered experimentally devoid of reason even if it is for the betterment of society.

Ⅰ want to support co-creating ba (places) for organizations.

My research topic is "Co-creating ba(places) for Workplaces." I have been collaborating with professionals in various industries and business categories to create places and spaces for co-creation that enable them to make the most of the individuality and diversity of their employees and staff.

Implementing a Society That Respects Self-Determination Through Voluntary Guardianship and Trusts

We make various large and small decisions in our daily lives. It would not be possible to conclude legal contracts without such self-determination.

Aiming to build a “comprehensive science of information security”

Research on public key cryptosystem, which forms the basis for identity authentication and digital signatures, has been conducted since the 1970s.

An Inclusive Society Realized from the Perspective of Minorities

The concept that "disability lies not with the individual but with the social environment" is known as the "social model of disability.”

Realization of river/drainage basin systems that are sustainable and disaster resilient.

Currently, when natural disasters are frequent, I hope that my study on rivers will contribute to “realizing river/drainage basin systems that are sustainable and disaster resilient.”

Staying flexible

Researchers at Chuo University invent a flexible patch containing carbon nanotubes and stretchable conductors that can fit inside a pipe to detect real-time changes in water temperature or the presence of contaminants, which may improve sanitation during industrial processes

Investigating human nature thorough the face and body / Exploring the development of the visual world

The question of what a face meant to human beings was the starting point for me as a psychologist. The face and body can consciously and unconsciously represent a person's history and current psychological state.

Creating biomaterials for human health and medicine

My specialty is "Chemistry", which is a science closely related to people's lives and nature. Advanced technologies, such as biotechnology and electronics, are also supported by chemistry.

Bring solutions to the problems associated with AI and robotics regulations

Now, engaging in research on laws and regulations in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics from the perspective of both products liability law and cyber law.

Establishing a circular economy in the Asian region through industry–academia–government collaboration

"Why don't they segregate their garbage?" I began researching the economy through resource recycling (circular economy) because of the discomfort I felt while backpacking during my years as a student.

I would like to apply statistical methods to human behavior data and solve social problems.

Statistics help us analyze the causes and trends of all kinds of events in the world. The reason I decided to pursue statistics in earnest was when I was in junior high school, I won a prize in the Nagano Prefecture Statistics Graph Contest.

Creating Innovation with Biological Soft Robots

I have loved insects since I was a child, and since becoming a robotics researcher, I have been working on "biological robots" inspired by living things such as worms, water striders, and snails.

Make your everyday life more enjoyable and fruitful with robot technology!

The research theme is “supporting human activities using robotics technology.” Although a robot looks like a single object, it is actually a system consisting of multiple elements, such as sensors, actuators, and computers.