Chuo University’s Institute of Cultural Sciences was founded on 13 November 1978 for the purpose of advancing our understanding of culture and cultural issues through collaborative research. What makes the Institute unique is that its members can participate in research beyond their individual areas of expertise by collaborating with other members coming from diverse disciplines across a broad range of areas. The Institute provides support for its members to conduct research on their theme for Research Project team or Large Research Collaboration Project team. Teams are made up of a combination of full-time Chuo University faculty members, visiting researchers from other universities, and doctoral students who may join as associate researchers.


  1. To conduct collaborative research relating to cultural sciences.
  2. To acquire and archive research materials.
  3. To publish research results.
  4. To hold workshops and lectures.
  5. To provide necessary practical support for achieving the above aims.


  • Director
  • Team Members

    139 Researchers
    223 Visiting Researchers
    18 Associate Researchers

  • Office Manager
  •  Office Staff

(as of May 2024)