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Chuo University is introduced in a collection of over 10 movies, including the learning program "Corridor of Knowledge" and software project videos created by the Department of Information and System Engineering, Faculty of Science and Engineering.
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Studying Law at Chuo

In this video, students and faculty members of the Faculty of Law talk about their experiences studying and teaching at Chuo University.

Studying Law at Chuo

Studying Law at Chuo: Short Version

This is Chuo

Introducing Chuo, here is a compilation of movies that will provide an understanding of the university. Take a look.

This is Chuo

Corridor of Knowledge

The "Corridor of Knowledge" is a series of educational programs based on the intellectual assets of Chuo University, which has succeeded to turning a simple TV series into a treasure box of learning. Co-produced with a cable network (Hachioji Telemedia), as Japan's first project, the program aims to provide a better understanding of the university, as well as more information on the faculties' research studies to the local citizens. The goal is to contribute to the community as much as possible, also providing the opportunity for the faculty to work closely with the media.  ...Read more



This is a collection of videos created by the Cybernetics Laboratory in the Department of Information and System Engineering, Faculty of Science and Engineering, introducing various learning projects at Chuo University.
 Topics inlcude future sustainable 3D content creation, development of computer vision system, AI for autonomous cruise of a virutal flying object in games, technology of tracking variable shapes, and more, marking a significant contribution to the future and technology development.

Research (cybernetics)