Research and Development Initiative



The Research and Development Initiative, Chuo University, pursues interdisciplinary and composite researches operated by external funds, so as to achieve the following mission;
(1) to contribute to society by producing knowledge that resolves current issues, and
(2) to promote collaboration among government, industry, and academia


The logo of the Research and Development Initiative (RDI) consists of three Cs with red color; the same color as the logo of Chuo University.
One of three Cs represents Company or Corporation in Industry, and another C denotes Chuo University in Academia. The lower left C forms G together with the ends of other Cs, which indicates Government. Hence, totally, the logo expresses the mission of RDI: Further Promotion of Collaborations among Government, Industry, and Academia. Each C also symbolizes an egg produced through a study conducted in RDI. We cordially hope that these eggs would grow well and contribute to our future society, and are doing our best.