Overview of Our Global Initiatives

International Strategy

Internationalization Strategy Goals at Chuo University

In its efforts to promote internationalization, Chuo University has four main pillars as mid-term goals. The realization of these goals is primarily focused on further development and achievement in areas of education and research.

Promotion of Internationalization:

  1. Enhancement of International Exchange, Mainly in East Asia
  2. Establishment of an International Strategy Coordination Office  (Tentative title: International Project Promotion Office)
  3. Realization of Chuo’s Academic Silk Road Project
  4. Encouragement of Students to Study Abroad

International Strategy

~ Putting Learning First ~

Chuo University is committed to a strategy of establishing, developing and sustaining itself as an international university in all aspects of its learning, teaching, and research activities, and to foster individuals that can contribute to global society.

In pursuit of this strategy, Chuo University will strive to:

Put students' learning first, by ensuring a wide variety of opportunities for students to broaden their academic, social and professional horizons, both inside and outside Japan;Foster a vision of global citizenship and planetary stewardship for the Chuo Community as a whole, including its students, teachers, staff and graduates;

Facilitate high quality collaborative research with international partners and further develop a reputation for research of the highest international quality;

Nurture graduates equipped with the necessary skills to enter the global labor market and able to adapt successfully to a wide variety of national and cultural settings;

Create an environment that is supportive of students, faculty and staff from abroad and enables them to achieve their full potential for their own benefit and for the benefit of the broader Chuo Community; and,

Develop closer relations with alumni at home and abroad, engage them in Chuo Community activities, and encourage them to act as outreach advocates for the university.

To realize these goals, Chuo University will:

Share information effectively and comprehensively throughout the Chuo Community to ensure that opportunities can be recognized and realized.

Seek and promote diverse learning opportunities for students, taking advantage of study and research with international students, teachers and staff, in Japan and abroad.

Encourage and support study and research abroad for Chuo students.

Work to recruit high quality students from around the world.

Develop and enhance an English-based curriculum taught by Chuo faculty and visiting scholars, offering foreign and domestic students opportunities to learn and develop together.

Strive to understand more fully the expectations and needs of foreign students, faculty and staff.

Add value and ensure sustainability by establishing multiple layers of cooperation and activity with a set of likeminded institutional partners.

Develop a comprehensive program of activities and events to increase international awareness within the Chuo Community and to celebrate Chuo's international origins, character and diversity.

Promote close cooperation among all its faculties and professional schools to support foreign students and Japanese students that are seeking international academic and professional experience.

Engage foreign alumni as ambassadors for the Chuo Community.


And, while making every effort to realize this international strategy, Chuo University will ensure that it continues to emphasize its uniqueness as a well-established Japanese university with a long and illustrious history.