Campus Life


Environment for Education Research

Crescent Hall

is used both for lectures and as a venue for briefings, concerts, plays, lectures, and symposia. It seats 2,200 in a semicircular, multipurpose hall.

Language and Multimedia Laboratories

offer a means of improving the quality of foreign language education as well as enhancing the educational benefit of general learning in areas besides foreign languages and specialist subjects.

Athletic Facilities

are used not only for lessons and extracurricular activities, but also for various public sports events and for the "President's Cup" Sports Competition. In addition, they are open to elementary and junior high schools and the local community.

C Square

was built to enrich campus life, with a wide range of facilities available to students to enhance their academic, cultural, and sports activities.


should be a place where students can come together, study to successfully meet the challenge of national examinations, and nurture within themselves unwavering determination and a passion that burns like a flame.

Middle Bridge (Ichigaya Tamachi Campus)

will act as a functional link between Central City and Tama Campus with the aim of giving Chuo University a more open appeal to the community.


boasts a total collection of approximately 2.1 million volumes, with a history stretching back over 120 years....

Information Technology Environment

Chuo University is steadily enhancing and expanding its network environment for computers in the computer laboratories and other offices in all Faculties around a research, education, and office information processing system.