Comparative Law Culture Project

Our Branding Plan

1) Research and branding based on results
    “Comparative law database” to be produced from the research will serve as the basis that our university continues to contribute as the information center of Japan as well as Asia / world in this field, as we continue to add jurisdiction, add specific topics and stably update the information. On the other hand, it will enable us to perform further international joint research as we establish specific topics that our university should deal with in the future by utilizing the strong network of our university to link Japanese / non-Japanese researchers and practitioners. In Asia-Pacific region, efforts supported by the same idea with this research, namely, efforts towards convergence based on recognition of diversity of laws have been started. For example, with respect to cross-border criminal offense regulations, extraterritorial life ethics issues, etc., it has been argued that discussion based on Asian legal environment is difficult; however, as our university is a comprehensive research-type university having established comparative law institute for the first time in Asia and has produced many practitioners, we are capable of investigating whether there is a way to achieve convergence on such issues.
(2) Concrete measures for publication of outcomes
    We will establish and publish “comparative law database” and announce the research outcome broadly. For general users, we will prepare leaflets and use the homepage and brochure of our university. For researchers and practitioners, we will publish the results at international conference, etc. and make press-release from time to time. We will hold symposium in the third and fifth year where we deal with specific topics useful for researchers and practitioners, such as “concept of contract” in the region, and will promote the mutual understanding across the world. In addition, in relation to Japanese law environment such as concept of Japanese-type contract, we will publish information in English through website separately from the database, will review the publication method from time to time, and continuously publish information of our legal information center as a leading diversity research institute utilizing SNS, etc.