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Career Design Support Center Office

As students go about their studies and campus life, they also need to plan their future. They must find a way of life that reflects what they want to do with their lives (career), and take an active role in mapping out what kind of person they hope to be after they graduate (design). To help students plan their future, the Career Design Support Center Office provides two main support programs: one is a career path support program that is available to students from the moment they enroll in the University, and the other is a job search support program that is available mainly to third-year students and above.
The Office has branches on the Tama, Korakuen and Ichigaya Tamachi campuses, with dedicated staff on call to attend to students’ needs.

Career Design Programs

The Career Design Support Center Office offers students a wide array of programs to aid in self-analysis, such as a Career Design Notebook to help them keep track of how plans for their careers take shape, diagnostic self-discovery tests, and self-comprehension seminars, as well as a variety of programs to build practical and social skills and aid in the search for a career path following graduation, including career guidance lectures and career design workshops featuring guests who are highly successful in their fields, and other lectures of various kinds.

Job Search Support Programs

The Career Design Support Center Office provides a wide range of practical and concrete activities and services to support students, mainly third-year and above, in their efforts to secure employment. The Office offers career counseling and industry research meetings, as well as seminars centered around providing guidance on practical aspects of the job seeking process, such as mock job interviews. For those interested in employment in the field of mass media and for those taking civil service or teacher’s examinations, lectures are provided, in addition to panel discussions with alumni and practice exams for various fields.
The Career Design Support Center Office emphasizes the individual approach in its career counseling. The Office staff conducts individual interviews and provides advice specifically tailored to the needs and situation of each student.