Graduate School of Commerce

Based on the degree to be awarded, lecture courses are divided into five fields (business administration, accounting, commerce, finance, and economics). Students can choose among these to specialize in a particular field, and they can also deepen their individual research in other areas, utilizing a wide range of educational and research resources. In the Master's Program, the "Research Course" is designed to provide researchers with a wealth of academic knowledge, while the "Business Course" offers businesspersons opportunities to acquire skills and qualifications ensuring unique insight and outstanding expertise, according to each individual’s desired career path. In addition, students have various options for presenting the results of their research: They can publish papers in multiple publications within the University, and in the doctoral program they can participate in projects and fora at the University's Institute of Business Research. The Graduate School also has numerous faculty members specializing in diverse fields who teach lecture and seminar courses and provide substantial educational and research support. Another significant feature of the doctoral program is that the writing of doctoral dissertations is systematically supported to a certain level of completion, with advance guidance and opportunities for substantive review.

Welcome to the Graduate School of Commerce

To become a capable person who plays an active role in periods of uncertainty

The modern economic society is entering a period of unprecedented uncertainty. ICT technologies including AI are being adopted at a dramatic speed, and deep globalization is steadily progressing on a grand scale. Geopolitical risks, such as the outbreak of war in Ukraine in 2022 and most recently in Gaza in 2023, are increasing and furthermore, natural disasters attributable to global warming that cause severe harm, such as storms and floods, occur frequently. In conditions where long-term vision is exceedingly difficult, business entrepreneurs are facing difficulties guiding their businesses precisely. Professionals are expected to possess both high-degree expertise as well as flexible and comprehensive conceptual skills.

Those thinking about undertaking postgraduate study have different career plans and are excited about Graduate School life and study. Graduate school is the final stage of school education, offering the highest level of institutional academic study. It is a place where students can deepen the knowledge they have already acquired and gain more advanced analytical and research skills. The Graduate School of Commerce covers a wide range of fields in management, accounting, commerce, finance, and economics, and offers a Master's Degree Program and a Doctoral Degree Program. The Master's Degree Program includes a research course and a business course that offers practical and theoretical study designed to meet the needs of those seeking broad and diverse learning.

Postgraduate students studying at the Graduate School of Commerce can be broadly divided into three types. First, some wish to become researchers. In the Master’s Degree Program, they focus their research and write master’s theses in the research course. In the Doctoral Degree Program, they put all their effort into their doctoral thesis. At Chuo University, fostering researchers and teachers is an essential function for the sustainable development of Chuo as an advanced education and research institution. Second, some students aim to pursue careers as highly qualified professionals. They study with dedication and commitment to pass qualification exams, mainly in the field of accounting, to become certified tax accountants or certified public accountants. Third, the majority of students aim to be active in the wider world of business. They mainly study business courses to acquire specialist knowledge and analytical skills in the fields of theory and commerce, as well as to hone their conceptualization skills.

With faculty members from a wide range of fields, the Graduate School of Commerce offers a curriculum that provides not only research guidance in specialist fields but also the latest knowledge and consideration of perplexing issues facing modern businesses, consumers, and society today. We believe that having access to in-depth academia will allow you to hone your research skills while developing the ability to see things from a bird's eye view and to deepen your personal sense of social justice and ethics, characteristics valued at Chuo University.

Join us at the Graduate School of Commerce and let us help you open up your future.

Manao KIDACHI Dean, Graduate School of Commerce