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Interview with International Students

Placing myself in different cultures and languages, Accumulating bonding experiences at Chuo Absolutely a valuable asset for my future!

Le Thi Van Anh

2nd year at the Faculty of Global Management
International Student from Vietnam
Scheduled period of studying at Chuo: April 2023 – March 2027

Meet our Students

Historical First in Kido-kai Shogi Club; Two Female Shogi Players Enroll

Saki Miyazawa, Aya Uchiyama

“I want to win women’s titles” : Saki Miyazawa (4th year, Faculty of Law)
“I want to move forward step by step”: Aya Uchiyama (1st year, Faculty of Science and Engineering)

Meet our Alumni

Goodbye to being extremely local; Now delivering news to the world!! Receiving the baton from Chuo’s alumni and providing access to information for people with hearing impairment

Yoshio Shinoda

OHK Okayama Broadcasting Co., Ltd. / Announcer
“Talking about Welfare in Sign Languages” Host in charge
Announcement Office, Manager
Head of Information Accessibility Promotion Office
Graduated in 2005 from the Department of International Economics, the Faculty of Economics

Meet our Alumni

COVID-19 changed my career plan after graduating from university. To a new world from a graduate school in the UK

Kazuma Shimizu

The University of Edinburgh
Edinburgh College of Art, MSc Urban Strategies and Design
Graduated in March 2021 from the Department of English Studies, Division of Humanities and Social Sciences, the Faculty of Letters

Meet our Alumni

After working on the different global stages, I arrived at the idea: “I want to help people who are facing difficulties” at the grassroots level

Yoshiteru Tsuji

Section Chief, Disaster Prevention Affairs, Rescue and Welfare Department, Operations Sector, Japanese Red Cross Society

Graduated in 1992 from the Department of Law, the Faculty of Law

Meet our Alumni

If you wish to work at NGO, start out in the work world first

Yuki Sakurai

Non-Governmental Organizations, Association for Aid and Relief (AAR), Program Operation

“I want to support refugees”
It dates back to my junior high years when I started to yearn to engage in international cooperation
Now I am an adult who have a family of my own
Now I face with global and domestic issues as a member of NGO, my longed-profession
With some bumps and detours, I finally became what I am
“Act as soon as you think about it, be mentally prepared, these are what counts”
My belief is not wrong.
He is now making his dream from young adulthood comes true as if to attest his belief

Meet our Alumni

Accepting Different Cultures and People’s Diversity Broadens Your World View


Freelance Photographer
Superintendence of Atelier Megnum Photography
Graduated from the Department of French Studies, Faculty of Letters, in 1987

Meet our Alumni

Believe in yourself, keep taking on challenges, and set goals higher than others

Yoshio Sasaki

Chairperson of Fukusaya Co., Ltd.
Graduated from the Faculty of Law, Chuo University

Meet our Alumni

Making full use of everything: my research at the seminar and work experience. To the field of international cooperation

Masayoshi Asaba

Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers, Community Development
Graduated from the Faculty of Economics in 2012

Meet our Alumni

Skills for global Japanese

Masahiko Itoi

Director of PricewaterhouseCoopers Co., Ltd. (PwC) and Representative of Japanese Enterprise Section of Russia and CIS
Graduate of the Faculty of Commerce, Chuo University

Meet our Alumni

Know your negotiating partner

Osamu Inoue

General Counsel, Hewlett-Packard Japan, Ltd.
Attorney at Law in New York State

Ian Francis Carillo Dueñas

Doctoral Program, Graduate School of Letters (exchange student from September 2009 to March 2017)

Kana Ichikawa

4th year Faculty of Letters, Division of Humanities and Social Sciences, Department of French Studies

Wataru Shiraishi

Toyota Tsusho Corporation (currently dispatched to Toyota Tsusho Insurance Management Corporation)

Meet our Students

To make people in all areas of the world happy

Kana Wakaumi

3rd year Faculty of Science and Engineering, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering

Meet our Students

Pursuing what I like opened the door to realizing my dream

Mako Kawaguchi

Japanese Teacher at the Bhutan Centre for Japanese Studies
4th year Faculty of Policy Studies, Department of Cross-Cultural Studies

Meet our Alumni

Realizing the desire to make someone else's life better

Yukie Kurosawa

Legal Counsel in Japan and California
Graduated from Faculty of Law, 2000

Meet our Students

Stronger self-identity by seeing the world

Okuto Suzuki

2nd year Faculty of Economics, Department of International Economics

Meet our Alumni

Osamu Suzuki

Representative Director and Chairman & CEO of SUZUKI MOTOR CORPORATION
Vice President of Nanko Club

Meet our Alumni

Skills for the global battlefield

George Itagoshi

International Management Consultant,
International Expansion and Venture Producer,
President and CEO of IS Group, Inc.

Meet our Alumni

Being the strongest player

Yuko Onizawa

Graduate of the Faculty of Law, Chuo University
Student at the University of Hawaii (Communication major)

Kanae Kiyota

3rd year Faculty of Law, Department of International Law and Business

Raphael Languillon

Faculty of Policy Studies (exchange program from April 2012 to January 2013)

Tian Yi Wang

Faculty of Letters, Department of Japanese Literature (exchange program from April to September 2013)

Meet our Alumni

Bridging the World and Japan

Akira Kono

Reed Exhibitions Japan

Interview with International Students

Studying abroad is a journey to understand yourself and enjoy growth! Discovering my goal and a vector of my career

Turtuvshin Anandaa

4th year, Department of Global Management, Faculty of Global Management
Period of studying at Chuo: April, 2020 to March, 2024
International Student from Mongolia
Interviewed in October, 2023

Interview with International Students

Quest for a “New Me” Through Cross-Cultural Experiences, Studies at University, and an Attitude to Keep Challenging

Chen Qianhui

3rd year of Department of International Economics, Faculty of Economics
International Student from China
Scheduled Period of studying at Chuo:April, 2021 to March, 2025
January 23rd, 2024

Three Types of Global Individuals- for Undergraduates

Chuo University fosters Global Generalists, Global Leaders, and Global Specialists equipped with the expertise and language abilities necessary to succeed globally using practical skills and awareness of diversity.

Meet our Alumni

Meet our Students

Interview with International Students

Three Types of Global Individuals- for Undergraduates