Meet the Chuo Community

Three Types of Global Individuals

Chuo University is a government funding winner of the Developing Global Human Resources Project 2012-2016.
Under this framework, we are developing our institutional strengths in order to make an even greater contribution to global society.

Based on the motto "Knowledge into Action," Chuo University fosters Global Generalists, Global Leaders, and Global Specialists equipped with the expertise and language abilities necessary to succeed globally using practical skills and awareness of diversity.

Global Generalists engage with others proactively to develop mutual understanding, possess an international mindset, and establish their identity in diverse environments. Furthermore, they seek:

・ A broad range of general knowledge and communication skills

・ The ability to cooperate in and communicate with those from diverse backgrounds

・ The ability to adapt to different values and to understand others’ history and culture

Global Leaders solve problems open-mindedly and lead in the development of new values. They aim to develop:

・ Advanced foreign language communication skills

・ The ability to guide planning within a group of people from different backgrounds

・ The ability to lead development of new value through diversity and generate synergistic effects

Global Specialists generate new value through specialized knowledge and experience, and possess advanced communication skills to apply globally. They seek:

・ The ability to communicate their specialty in a foreign language

・ The ability to apply their specialized knowledge in society

・ The ability to create new value through logical thinking