The Tama Student Research Building "Honoo-no-Tou" opened in July 2002. Chuo University, which celebrated the 130th anniversary of its founding in 2015, embarked on the construction of this building as a part of the University's 125th anniversary commemorative activities to enhance campus facilities in anticipation of becoming a world-class institution of higher education.

Among the students studying at Chuo University, there are many who have very high expectations and aspire to use their success in passing the extremely difficult national examinations as a springboard to becoming active contributors to the global society. The facilities at Honoo-no-Tou provide the ideal studying environment for these students.

The design of the Honoo-no-Tou was based on the original Surugadai Library. In fact, the stained glass from the original library adorns the window of the Honoo-no-Tou. The three floors above ground provide Legal Profession Courses for students preparing for the bar exam, courses at the Institute of Accounting Research for those hoping to become professional accountants or CPAs, and also Allied Academic and Research Organizations, Public Service Entrance Exam Organizations, and the Correspondence Division. In addition, there are also seminar rooms and special study facilities for students preparing to take national examinations.

"This building should be a place where students can come together, study to successfully meet the challenge of national examinations, and nurture within themselves unwavering determination and a passion that burns like a flame, a flame that is embodied in the name given to this building 'Honoo-no-Tou.'" (Inscription on the monument "Origins of Honoo-no-Tou.")