Graduate School of Economics

Modern economics is developing a variety of new research methods and has become an essential discipline for understanding the increasingly complex phenomena of modern society and for formulating economic and social policies. As society becomes more complex and knowledge becomes more sophisticated, there is also a growing need in the private sector and government agencies for individuals who can apply advanced methods competently in various contexts.
In response to these circumstances, the two main educational goals of the Graduate School are to nurture "researchers" and "advanced professionals" who will lead the next generation. The first, fostering researchers, has been a longstanding focus since the Graduate School’s founding. Using a coordinated guidance system, from the master's program through to the doctoral program, we have trained numerous researchers who are currently contributing to society through employment in research institutes and think tanks, as well as in university faculties throughout Japan.
The second type of training, "advanced professionals," is a relatively recent effort to meet the social needs of private companies, government offices, and other organizations, as mentioned above. To meet these needs, we established a three-course system (Researcher Course, Advanced Professional Course, and Certified Tax Accountant Course) in the Master's Program in 2019. In this way, we are building a system that supports and guides each student's future plans and nurtures appropriate, necessary skills.
Under the guidance of faculty members who meet the diverse requirements of students in the Researcher Course, the Advanced Professional Course, and the Certified Public Tax Accountant Course, the Master’s Program aims to foster professionals who can "master" knowledge of economics at the highest level, while possessing the logical thinking, analytical, and communicative abilities required at the forefront of society.

Today's economy and society face many difficulties, including inequality, poverty, financial instability, the negative impacts of rapid informatization, and climate change. It is now expected that we will contribute to solving these social issues, not only at the governmental and corporate levels, but also at the individual level.

The issues facing modern society are complex, involving multiple subjects and problems, and the solutions require a systematic understanding of the phenomena surrounding these issues. We believe Economics is a discipline that provides such systematic thinking. This is because studying Economics and analyzing specific problems from an Economic point of view help to develop various skills and awarenesses. These include data management, understanding of human psychology, reasoning based on models, the design of experiments, appreciation of international relationship dynamics, understanding of things from an historical perspective, and consideration based on institutional perspective. We believe all of these are necessary to solve the problems that face modern society.

Since its establishment in 1951, the Graduate School of Economics has continued evolving in response to the demands of the times and has produced many researchers and highly specialized professionals that are now members of society. In addition, since 2019 we have been offering three-course system for Master Programs: a Researcher Course for students who wish to become researchers in the future; an Advanced Professional Course for students who wish to work in professions that require advanced and specialized knowledge and skills; and, a Certified Tax Accountant Course for students who wish to become certified tax accountants. From the 2024 academic year, we will change the entrance exam system and conduct the exam for each of these courses individually to nurture students with further practical skills. In addition, we will offer a group of fundamental subjects that reflects characterization of an Advanced Professional Course, including professional data and analysis. In each course, more than ever, students will acquire necessary skills and enhance their professional specialty with a true sense of purpose.

In addition, one of the strongest aspects of the Graduate School is the opportunity for students to develop and clarify their points of view regarding issues through presentations and discussions, and to improve themselves through friendly rivalries with their peers. To create these opportunities, we provide numerous ways for students to engage in discussions with instructors and other graduate students, such as in seminar classes, as well as in other seminars conducted in the Graduate School.

If you want to understand modern society and acquire the high-level expertise necessary to improve society, please join us and enjoy your studies in the Graduate School of Economics. A wide variety of talented and enthusiastic professors await you.

Hirokazu TAKIZAWA Dean, Graduate School of Economics