International Lounge(G-square)

What is G-square ?

G-Square is the cross-cultural exchange space on the Chuo University Tama Campus. It is a space for both Japanese and international exchange students to be able to meet and communicate with each other. And also we hold countless events which allow participants to get to know about Japanese culture, make new friends, give opportunities to learn new languages and so on. This space is organized by Chuo university students as staff. So, please feel free to talk to us and join us.

Events in G-square

Japan Day

In Japan Day we explore Japanese culture, such as calligraphy, music, new year events and so on with Japanese students. So, it’s a great opportunity to get to know Japanese culture and make new friends.

Global Cafe

Global Cafe is an event where international students become waiters to serve coffee and snacks to Japanese students. This is a good chance to communicate with many Japanese and practice your Japanese.

Language Lab

At Language Lab, students become teachers and teach their home country’s language to other students. Not only can you be a teacher but also a student. We offer a lot of language classes like Japanese, Chinese, Korean, English, French, German and so on. Every class is free and available for everyone to join. Come join us!