On Exchange

Semester or Full-year

Nomination and Application deadline

Admission period April 2023
September 2023
(Fall, Tentative)
Nomination period
*for coordinators only
Graduate July 11 - Aug31, 2022 Jan 10 - Feb15, 2023
Under-graduate July 11 - Sep30, 2022 Jan 10 - Mar 15, 2023
Online application period
*for nominated students
Graduate Sep15 - 30, 2022 Mar 1-15, 2023
Under-graduate Oct15- 31, 2022 Apr 1-15, 2023

Application for the April (spring) 2023 Enrollment (updated July 7, 2022)

Nomination/Application Procedure

For general information about Chuo University Student Exchange Program, please download the following document.

(1) General information on Study Exchange Program

For students who are interested in spending part of their degree program at Chuo, please read carefully following information.

(2) Nomination

Chuo International Center will provide the link of online nomination form to the exchange coordinator of each partner university. The exchange coordinator will nominate their students through the online system during the designated period.

(3) Application

1.Chuo International Center will provide the information on application procedures, a link to online application site to the nominated students a few days before the application period starts.

2. The nominated students are required to finish their application procedure before the application deadline. The application period is limited, we recommend nominated students to prepare application materials before the application period starts.

Notes: Please note that late application can not be considered.
Application procedure will be completed online, no hard copies (printed materials) needed.

The required documents and forms are as follows, please refer the application guide(236KB) before you prepare the application documents.

<Part 1>

<Part 2>

Please be aware that some of above documents should be signed by particular persons, therefore, it may take some time. Applicants are recommended to prepare all the documents before the online application period.

According to the Personal Information Protection Policy (Privacy Policy), personal information provided by applicant will be used only in admission of student exchange program.

(4) Courses and Language Requirement

Please note that most of the courses are taught in Japanese at Chuo University. There are at present no specific requirements for Japanese language proficiency for exchange students, however, we suggest JLPT N3 would be fine for academic interact with Japanese students. We offer some courses taught in English and other foreign languages within the Faculty of Law, Letters, Economics, Policy Studies and Global Management, shown in the list below. (Please note that the Faculty of Commerce and Science and Engineering doesn't have courses in English, and students who apply for the Faculty of Commerce and Science and Engineering are required to submit JLPT N3 certificate.)

<Courses offered in English>
Please note that the courses for the academic year 2023 will be provided at the early April 2023.


【Graduate School】

<Syllabus Search>
You could refer to our Syllabus for degree students which are mostly offered in Japanese at our Japanese web page. Basically, exchange students are able to take these courses, too. However, there are some exceptions.