Overview of Our Global Initiatives

Our Go Global Mission

Globalization at Chuo Guided by the Motto, “Knowledge into Action”

Since its founding in 1885, Chuo University has carried on a tradition of providing practical education based on the philosophy of "Fostering the Ability to Apply Knowledge to Practice." Through a wide range of research activities and practical approaches, Chuo strives to nurture young people able to leverage knowledge into action, as demanded in today’s global society.
When we say knowledge into action, we are referring to the ability to turn academic knowledge into critical thinking, objective understanding, informed decision-making, and independent action. This includes turning knowledge and skills gained through university education into practical capabilities and competencies for use in one’s career, and having the aspiration to make a contribution to local and global society. Practical education is essential to this learning and growing process.
To date, Chuo has graduated over 590,000 alumni and there are now approximately 31,000 students studying at Chuo each year. In our rapidly globalizing society marked by ever increasing competition, we at Chuo are determined to continue developing ourselves as an international university in all aspects of research, teaching and career preparation activities for our students. Our mission is to become a global gateway to the future for the wider Chuo Community, both domestically and internationally, and to continue to build upon our proven strengths and ongoing achievements.

Nurturing Global Individuals

At Chuo University we celebrated our 130th anniversary in 2015. Beginning with the relocation of our campus in 1978 to the green hills of the Tama area in western Tokyo -- our first step toward globalization, we have been committed to a strategy of establishing, developing, and sustaining Chuo as an international university through numerous academic exchanges and broad-based research activities. The Chuo philosophy of “Fostering the Ability to Apply Knowledge to Practice” guides our efforts to ensure that our students acquire the learning necessary to succeed in practical endeavors on campus, in the community, and in their future.
Aiming to nurture individuals who can contribute to global society, Chuo has been providing diverse learning opportunities for students in order to help them explore and come to understand the wider world. We have developed international exchange programs and research activities with our partner institutions worldwide, created unique study-abroad programs, built international residences, and promoted annual awareness-raising events, such as International Week programs. Building upon this foundation, we are excited to develop further as an international university and look forward to a bright future.