Campus Life

Health Center

To provide health management and medical services to both students and faculty members and staff, each campus has a Health Center.


Tama Campus: 2nd floor of Building 2
Korakuen Campus: 1st floor of Building 1
Myogadani Campus: 1st basement floor
Ichigaya Tamachi Campus: 1st basement floor

Health Management

To conform with the School Health Law, the University provides regular health examinations for students at the beginning of every April. As it is very important that students have their health checked every year, this presents an excellent opportunity for students to receive an annual health examination.

For prevention or early detection of disease or illness, further tests, including ultra-sound and electrocardiogram, are available, if it is required as a result of the student's regular health examination. If more detailed examination is necessary, the student will be referred to a specialist. The Health Center also provides counseling for students in need of advice on illness, disease, diet, or other health-related issues.

Medical Services

The Health Center offers medical examination primarily for internal medicine, as well as first-aid treatment for external injuries and referral to specialists. Costs for medical care are not covered by health insurance programs. However, costs related to medical treatment are based on standards set by the University, with costs for medication being comparable to those covered by health insurance, and fees for examination being half those charged under health insurance coverage. These are some of the ways the burden of medical costs is less for students.

Other Services

For students who have had a regular health examination, the Center provides special health examinations should they be required for classes. The Center issues, upon request, a certificate of health needed for obtaining full-time employment, a scholarship, or part-time work, or participating in a sports event, in addition to providing tests for such things as measuring body fat proportion. The Health Center provides health-related information to the students through its website and paper magazine.

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