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Tama Campus

Tama Campus, located in the Tama Hills Natural Park in the city of Hachioji, Tokyo, is home to the Faculties and Graduate Schools of Economics, Commerce, Letters, and Policy Studies, and the Faculty of Global Management. Situated on 518,401㎡ of land, the expansive campus houses the faculties as well as research facilities, clubs and circles, libraries, and indoor/outdoor sports facilities. Also on campus are The Museum of Law and Justice and The Museum of Chuo University History, where you can learn more about Chuo University.

The Global Gateway Chuo and the International Residence Chuo (IRC) opened in 2020. The Global Gateway Chuo is equipped with facilities that enable global education and research, and the IRC provides a mixture of educational and living facilities on campus. As the new face of Chuo University, the Forest Gateway Chuo opened in 2021. This unique space will allow various kinds of "wisdom" to be gathered and shared with society, and provide a fresh venue for social interaction, where students can interact with each other, as well as with businesses and other members of society.

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Access to Tama Campus

Various Landscapes at Tama Campus


On a clear day enjoy the beautiful view of Mt. Fuji, Japan’s highest peak, from Chuo University’s Tama campus. The beauty of Mt. Fuji is striking at any time, but especially the snowcapped mountain top at sunset sun and the ever-changing beauty of Mt. Fuji according to the season and even the hour.


From March to April, the cherry blossoms on Chuo University’s Tama campus will amaze you with a truly breathtaking sight. There are 300 cherry trees at the university’s Sakura Park on the Tama campus where students gather beneath the cherry trees to enjoy their lunch.


The leaves turn red, orange, and yellow on Chuo University’s Tama campus at the beginning of November. Hakumon-sai, the annual university festival, is held at this time.


Chuo University’s snow-covered Tama campus has a different look that provides tranquil serenity.


Our students study in the tranquility of the extensive Chuo University Tama campus filled with trees and campus greenery. In the suburbs of western Tokyo, the Chuo University Tama campus has an atmosphere very different from a typical metropolitan campus.

At Night

Enjoy the fantastic sunset scene of the illuminated Hakumon promenade, leading to the East gate of Chuo University’s Tama campus.

Korakuen Campus

Located near the center of Tokyo on a hill overlooking the Tokyo Dome, a baseball stadium, Korakuen Campus is home to the Faculty of Science and Engineering and its ten Chuo University’s departments, the Graduate School of Science and Engineering, and the Chuo Graduate School of Strategic Management. The campus is conveniently located in a tranquil and peaceful neighborhood with lots of greenery, making it an ideal place to study. Spread over 27,141 ㎡, the campus has the very latest facilities and an IT Center, providing an environment that is perfectly suited for education and research.

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Korakuen Campus

Ichigaya Tamachi Campus

The Ichigaya Tamachi Campus, which is located in front of Ichigaya Station in Tokyo, is home to the Faculty of Global Informatics and the Graduate School of Global Informatics. Its location provides easy access to institutions which are required for research, and was established with the idea of making it a city campus that provides a connection between scholarship and society.

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Ichigaya Tamachi Campus

Myogadani Campus

The Myogadani Campus, which opened in Bunkyo ward in April 2023, is home to the Faculty of Law and the Graduate School of Law. They relocated from the Tama Campus with an aim to further strengthen the promotion of legal education at Chuo.
Inheriting more than 138 years of tradition and achievement with the Chuo’s founding spirit “Fostering the Ability to Apply Knowledge to Practice” in mind, the Myogadani Campus fosters individuals who are legally conscious and capable of solving legal problems from a global perspective.
The Campus also fits in and contributes to the region with the Otsuka Community Center and the nursery school attached to the Campus.

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Myogadani Campus

Surugadai Campus

With two professional Graduate Schools, the Chuo Law School and the Chuo Graduate School of Strategic Management (Chuo Business School), the Surugadai Campus has been reborn as a base to develop “legal professionals who understand management” and “business professionals who understand the law.” The Secretariat for Chuo University Alumni Association, consisting of Chuo’s alumni who strive for and contribute to Chuo’s further development and prosperity, is also located on this Campus. The Surugadai Campus will continue to be a place with a long and distinguished history and develop as a place where undergraduate students, graduate students, alumni, and faculty members get together and socialize.

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Surugadai Campus

Koishikawa Campus

The Koishikawa Campus is a sports facility consisting of a gymnasium and an annex building. Besides the facility being used for PE classes, multipurpose rooms are mainly used as club rooms, and it makes the place for students to get together and mingle with others.

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Koishikawa Campus