Tama Campus

Tama Campus
Student Counseling Room

The Student Counseling Room is a safe place where you can talk about anything – no matter how trifling it is – when you feel that there is something that you want someone to listen to you, please do not hesitate to come here. English service available. Please contact us for details.

Consultation Content
You can talk about anything, for example, academic performance, career options, studying abroad, physical/mental health condition, adjustment challenges, identity issues, relationship difficulties, life problem, and etc.

*Please rest assured that we protect the confidentiality of personal information apart from a life-threatening situation.

How to Use
・You do not need to make an appointment so you can stop by the Student Counseling Room.
・Call 042-674-3481, or e-mail us.
・You may bring family members or friends.
・We offer a counseling session about students to their family, teacher or campus staff.

Reception      Fill in the application card.
Intake – Pre-interview Student Counseling Room interview with staff.
Specialist      Student Counseling Room will make an appointment with specialists such as doctor, counselor, lower and school social worker. Depending on the interview, we may also support you by introducing/co-operating with other departments and outside organizations.

Available Hours Monday to Friday  9am to 5pm
        Saturday      9am to Noon
*Time change will be posted on the Student Counseling Room bulletin board.
Basement Floor 1 of Building 5 (Under the Pedestrian Deck), Tama Campus

Activities and Events
You are welcome to join many kinds of event, such as spring seminar, autumn seminar, intensive course and monthly chat lunch that will be shared on the bulletin board and/or campus intranet.

Relaxing Space “Salon”
The Salon, which has a tatami space and sofa corner, is located in the Student Counseling Room. You can use the Salon for a variety of purposes, such as relaxing, studying, and dining. The books in the small library are free to rent for two weeks.
*The salon will re-open when COVID19 has ended.

From Staff
We will support your healthy and rich life in Chuo University. You may calm down and/or find a different view point by talking together, and get necessary information from us.
Come and see us at the Student Counseling Room, which can be a compass for your university life.