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Who We Are

Established in 1885 as the English Law School, Chuo University was founded by young attorneys who shared the philosophy of "Fostering the Ability to Apply Knowledge to Practice." Over the years Chuo has grown steadily from a specialized School of Law, which continues to produce many of Japan's judges, prosecutors, and lawyers, to a comprehensive university with multiple faculties, graduate schools, professional graduate schools, research institutes, affiliated high schools, and affiliated junior high schools. Dedicated to meeting the demands of today's global society, we aspire to nurture young people through practical education, as reflected in our university motto, "Knowledge into Action."

Chuo University has partnership agreements with 212 colleges, universities and education organizations in 41 countries and regions worldwide. Chuo has also won funding from Japan's Ministry of Education for the Promotion of Global Human Resource Development Project, 2012-2016. Under this framework, Chuo is increasing partnerships with institutions worldwide, as well as developing overseas offices and new exchange opportunities for Japanese and foreign students in Japan and overseas.

Our Strengths

Chuo University has maintained an enviable success rate in difficult national exams over the years. In particular, the University boasts consistent competence in the field of law, a tradition that began in 1885. Other areas of focus for continued and improved academic excellence include:

  • Strengthened support for legal scholarship and preparation for the Japanese Bar Exam to maintain national standings
  • Enhanced training and preparation for the Japanese CPA Exam to maintain national standings
  • Further excellence in the development of outstanding business management professionals
  • Continued excellence to maintain world-class rankings of alumni who are presidents, CEOs and global executives
  • Expanded emphasis on and development of "Multi-Century Urban Development" programs
  • Strengthened cooperation with and support for international organizations, such as the United Nations Academic Impact program (UNAI), the ILO, and the HeForShe Campaign
  • Continued expansion and strengthening of close cooperation with partner institutions overseas in the fields of Science and Engineering.

Striving for Global Excellence

Embracing the progressive spirit of the global-minded attorneys who first established Chuo, the University will continue to focus on developing curricula that foster global professionals. New initiatives include the Global Faculty-Linkage Program (Global FLP), which will offer all courses in English and languages other than Japanese; international double degree and joint degree programs; and, international joint research networks.

In order to strengthen our international profile and campus diversity, Chuo aims to increase inbound and outbound exchange students substantially over the next 10 years. Chuo will also facilitate enhanced internationalization and scholarship, both before and after study abroad, and provide courses that enable international students and Japanese nationals to earn their degrees in English and in languages other than Japanese. Furthermore, Chuo students studying abroad will benefit from easier transfer of international credits and have more access to career counseling dedicated to students returning from study overseas.

Faculty and staff at Chuo will be further diversified by increasing the numbers of non-Japanese fulltime teaching staff, female teaching staff, and faculty members who have earned their degrees from universities outside of Japan.

Commemorating its 130th anniversary in 2015, Chuo University released Chuo Vision 2025(1.2MB), a ten-year development plan that includes the promotion of these global initiatives, as well as: relocation of parts of the arts and social science faculties to one of our downtown Tokyo campuses; the establishment of multiple new faculties relating to such areas as ICT, media and cultural productions, multilingual and multicultural studies, policy making for aging societies, and community welfare, health and fitness; and, promotion of sports to develop further the unique potential of Chuo athletes competing in the upcoming Olympics and beyond.

In short, Chuo University will continue to strive for excellence and to develop its historical and newly emerging institutional strengths in order to make a deeper and lasting contribution to global society.

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