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Distinctive University Education

In a society where things cannot simply be divided into the fields of humanities and sciences, a flexible and multifaceted perspective is required. With more than 700 faculty members from diverse fields representing knowledge cultivated over the institution's long history, Chuo University promotes educational and research activities from interdisciplinary and diverse perspectives. In order to foster talented individuals who can properly meet the needs of society, Chuo offers various and numerous educational programs.

Faculty Linkage Program (FLP)
The goal of the FLP Program is to foster specialists in various fields through comprehensive and systematic learning. FLP courses offers educational opportunities that cross and combine disciplines, such as environment, governance, and international cooperation.

Global FLP Program
This Program seeks to nurture global professionals who can leverage the expertise and skills that they acquire through practical education in global society. All courses are offered in English or Chinese.

Interfaculty Al and Data Science Program
Chuo University established its Al and Data Science Center in April 2020. The Center now offers courses related to Al and data science from introductory to advanced level for all students.

Chuo is also proud of its strong alumni network. With more than 600,000 graduates, Chuo is one of the largest and most prestigious private universities in Japan. Over the years, many of these graduates have become top-level executives at major corporations globally.

Notable Rankings

Rankings prove that Chuo stands out among leading universities in Japan with unique strengths in many areas.