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With a history stretching back over 135 years, the Chuo University Library boasts a total collection of approximately 2.5 million volumes. Information on the entire collection is stored on a database, and can be searched in a matter of seconds from terminals connected to the Library’s system Chuo Online Information System (CHOIS). CHOIS may also be accessed from the Library website or by mobile phone. Both in terms of ease of search and volume of accessible information, the Library is in the top class among university libraries in Japan.

Tama Campus

Central Library
Located in the center of Tama Campus, the Central Library houses the stack room, an open-stack room, reading rooms, and an audiovisual room.

The Central Library is the focal point of the Chuo University libraries and houses 190,000 volumes in open stacks, and 990,000 documents and volumes in closed stacks (including external storage), so there is an emphasis on providing users with highly precise reading services and guidance in using resources. There is a reference room where staff members respond to users’ questions and provide advice on document searches. Some 43 terminals to conduct searches of the Library’s collection, as well as online information search engines and a CD-ROM database server. A CHOIS student advisor is always on hand to deal with users’ questions.

Library service for citizens [Central Library]
The Central Library provides a service for citizens living around the university.
Conditions for use are as follows:
(1) Persons living in Hachioji-City, Hino-City, or Tama-City (not working in) and also possessing a valid library card from this area.
(2) Persons aged 20 years and over.
*Persons belonging to other universities, institutions, or colleges may use a mutual cooperation program or general usage for outsiders. Preparing for entrance exams or usage for commercial purposes are not allowed.
(3) Books and journals located on the 2nd and 4th floor could be available in the reading room. Checking out books outside the library is not allowed.

Korakuen Campus

Ichigaya Campus

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Rare Books and Special Collections