Libraries and reading rooms outside the Central Library system

Tama Campus

Faculty of Law Student Reading Room These reading rooms house a collection of books and magazines geared mainly toward students in the Faculties of Law and Economics. For those students who are majoring in otherfaculties browsing materials that are only to be found in the Reading Room of two faculties are permitted.
Faculty of Economics Student Reading Room
Faculty of Letters Major-Specific Reading Rooms A common reading room is offered for the 13 major subjects offered in the Faculty of Letters as well as common subjects, to which are attached major-specific reading rooms housing major-specific materials totaling approximately 335,000 volumes.
Policy Studies Library This library reflects the nature of the Faculty of Policy Studies curriculum in that it houses 43,000 volumes, mainly in foreign languages, relating to Policy Sciences and Cross-Cultural Studies. It can be used by students from other faculties, too.
Graduate Library This library holds approximately 180,000 volumes in its research collections comprised mainly of foreign books related to law, economics, and commerce. In principle, it is for academic staff and postgraduate students, but undergraduates are also allowed of access.

Korakuen Campus

Science and Engineering Library As the central library of the Korakuen Campus, this library takes advantage of its central urban location to offer services not only to science and engineering students, but like the Central Library on the Tama Campus, to a wide range of students from other faculties and alumni as well. It has an extensive collection of materials geared towards in cutting-edge research, primarily consisting of specialized books and magazines related to the fields of natural sciences and engineering. In recent years, the library has been expanding and modernizing its collection to provide journals in electronic form and enhancing its online database.
Business School Library In April 2008, this Library was opened on the Korakuen Campus, in conjunction with the establishment of the Business School (Chuo Graduate School of Strategic Management). It is now located on the fifth floor of Building No. 6, with a specialized collection primarily focused on management and business-related materials. In addition, the Library staff is pursuing enhancement of the electronic information services environment, including an online database. While classes are in session, the Library is open on Sundays and national holidays as well.

Ichigaya Campus

Ichigaya Campus Library Located on the third and fourth floors of the Ichigaya Campus Building No. 1, this specialized library supports the study and research activities of students and academic staff in the Law School. It houses a carefully selected collection of the latest specialist volumes and journals in the legal field and offers them for use. Progress is also being made in improving the environment for the electronic information services. While classes are in session, the library is also open on Sundays and national holidays (the third-floor reading room is open all year-round, excluding the New Year’s holidays.)

Ichigaya Tamachi Campus

Faculty of Global Informatics Library This library was newly opened on the second floor of the Ichigaya Tamachi Campus to coincide with the opening of the Faculty of Global Informatics. The library mainly contains materials related to education, learning, and research in the Faculty. The library is also equipped with a Learning Commons and other facilities for students to gather, discuss, and study actively.