Quest for a “New Me” Through Cross-Cultural Experiences, Studies at University, and an Attitude to Keep Challenging

Chen Qianhui
3rd year of Department of International Economics, Faculty of Economics
International Student from China
Scheduled Period of studying at Chuo:April, 2021 to March, 2025
January 23rd, 2024

Why Japan? I was influenced a lot by my parents’ experiences of studying in Japan

My name Chie is written “千恵” in Chinese characters and “千” comes from the Japanese Chiba prefecture which is “千葉.” I was born in Chiba prefecture and went back to China when I was 5 years old. I remember being confused at Chinese kindergarten since there are no seasonal events such as Christmas or Halloween like in Japan. This was my first time to experience a culture shock. However, as I got used to my life in China, my Japanese skills and sense of Japanese culture faded away.

I grew up in an environment where my parents often talked about how many things they learned when they were international students in Japan. I also started to think that I wanted to spend my campus life in a place not familiar to me and open up my perspectives through experiencing different cultures. I made up my mind to study in Japan, and after coming to Japan, I went to a Japanese school to learn the language and pondered which university and what faculty I should go to. I chose the Faculty of Economics of Chuo University as I wished to enjoy my college life on a greenish Tama campus and have serenity of mind in a calm environment. Also, I wanted to contribute to enriching society by studying economic science.

I learned how fun it is to study as a student. My interest in studying never stops

The Faculty of Economics offers various programs that enable us to explore our interests in depth along with studying many areas. I am expanding my knowledge of the world’s economic trends and policies as well as my estimation of various countries’ past, current, and future economic status through attending the GLP Program* or studying global economics subjects. Whenever I encounter some problems, there are always my friends who will help me find solutions, and the faculty members are friendly and kind so I can consult them with ease whenever I have something worried. I can concentrate on studying with peace of mind. Furthermore, I organize activities out of studying and I really enjoy my campus life here in Chuo.
*GLP Program – Global Leaders Program initiated by the Faculty of Economics: For more details, click here (only in Japanese)

As a first grader, I took an Introduction to Practices course to study the basics of economics, and I joined the Associate Professor of the Faculty of Economics, Tsukasa Matsuura Seminar to study Applied Econometrics in the second grade. Here, on the basis that we understand the economic theory, we mainly analyze data by leveraging the econometrics method by practically using a statistics software called “R.” He not only has a thorough knowledge of the economic sector but is also knowledgeable in labor and education sectors. He is enthusiastic and kind so I can ask for his advice relaxed. I learn a lot from him. In addition, I have chances to attend workshops at the Institute of Economic Studies which he organizes, and there I learn a lot from the researchers’ and graduate students’ presentations and get inspired by their enthusiasm. The other day, I attended a social gathering of other faculties’ and universities’ Chinese researchers and international students who are in touch with him, and I was able to interact with the same nations’ buddies studying similar fields. My interest in studying at Chuo and encountering people is expanding more than ever.

The key to communicating with Japanese is to not only read their words but to detect a nuance of words from their gestures and facial expressions

A Charity Walk Event. Quiz during a break.

I now engage in organizing and managing events held by the Volunteer Center as a student volunteer staff of Chuo University. I teach Chinese culture at elementary schools in Tachikawa city as well as work as a guide at events. Besides school activities, I have a part- time job as a Teaching Assistant at juku (cram school) for Chinese International students. I provide psychological support to them by counseling matters regarding applications, interviews, and writing tests for entrance exams. It is important in Japan to read implied meanings of gestures and facial expressions besides spoken words to successfully communicate with others, and that troubled me a lot. However, I apply a lesson I learned from such an experience during my volunteer activities and a part-time job.

I will be in a final grade from this April. I had an opportunity to graduate earlier, but I wanted to enjoy my campus life a little bit more so I decided to study at the Faculty of Economics for four years. Being an international student, I upgraded my Japanese skills and became capable of setting up a plan, explaining to others, and also became considerable and patient with others. I want to deepen my knowledge at the Faculty, having eyes on researching issues and events surrounding applied social sciences area such as the “overeducation issue” at the graduate school in the future.

【To those students who are interested in studying abroad】
Supposing life is a journey, studying in Japan is undoubtedly one of the enchanting landscapes you encounter along the way. Standing at a crossroads in life, if you're unsure about your next steps, studying in Japan presents a chance to discover your unique objectives while experiencing new things. Even for those who already have clear objectives, studying in Japan can lead to discoveries. At Chuo University, you can learn in an environment surrounded by beautiful nature. Here, it's not just about academics; you'll meet like-minded peers, grow together, and pursue your dreams. It's also a place to challenge yourself and explore new aspects of your identity.
Start your journey of dreams at Chuo University and discover a new you.