Placing myself in different cultures and languages, Accumulating bonding experiences at Chuo Absolutely a valuable asset for my future!

Le Thi Van Anh
2nd year at the Faculty of Global Management
International Student from Vietnam
Enrollment in: April 2023

Desire to acquire wide and practical knowledge for my future career

  I believe studying abroad enlarges my global perspectives and provides an unparalleled networking opportunity that works for my future career. Many students in south-eastern Asia wish to work in their home country after graduating but I thought studying and working in Japan would work for my future career. That is why I decided to study in Japan.

  Before coming to Japan, I studied the basics of Japanese hard to start my life in Japan smoothly. I became able to communicate and have daily conversations in Japanese, especially through the preparation study for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). Plus, I looked up beforehand how international students adapted to different cultures and what kind of culture shocks they have experienced, along with understanding Japanese customs and courtesy to know how international students should behave. In my case, I came to Japan with my sister and entered the Japanese school together. My sister who works at a Japanese financial firm now supports my university tuition. I really appreciate her support and I would like to do the same for my sisters and brothers in Vietnam when they grow up.

  Chuo University is one of the well-known universities in Japan boasting its long history and tradition. A famous university is fairly evaluated globally so learning at such a school will help me build certain trust when choosing my future path. There are three reasons for me choosing the Faculty of Global Management; a) the curriculum provided at the Faculty is highly evaluated, b) it is possible to earn practical knowledge of business in a broad sense, and c) there should be plenty of opportunities to learn in English. I think there are not many places in Japan where we can take such good courses in English. I believe what I learned here will become a firm foundation for my future career.

Drastically Improved Japanese Skill at the Faculty of Global Management

▲Professor Robert Dunsmore Paterson (English Studies) and my Chinese best friend (left)

  I have been studying hard on macroeconomics and microeconomics since entering Chuo University. Macroeconomics is a basic area of economics teaching the economies of nations and regions as a whole. On the other hand, microeconomics focuses on the economies of small units such as companies and markets. I learned the economic structure and trends through these two areas. In addition, I am studying investment evaluation methods for financial products such as stocks and bonds in the “investment appraisal” class. This includes a discount cash flow system and a risk assessment etc.  

  There are many international students from all over the world studying at the Faculty of Global Management. I also made new Japanese friends thanks to the opportunities to interact with Japanese students. At first, I was confused when talking with Japanese friends since they tend not to say things straightforward, however, I enriched my human relationships by getting along with friends with diverse backgrounds and sharing different perspectives and experiences with them. I can also tell that my language skills are improving drastically alongside the increase of opportunities to speak Japanese that is to say in daily conversation and class discussions etc.  

  Furthermore, thanks to the kind faculty members here, I can study feeling secure. Some professors have an experience of studying abroad and some are experts in overseas. Among them, Associate Professor, Dumayas Arianne Dela Rosa of the Faculty of Global Management is the one who studied at Chuo University as an international student when she was a university student. Although we are not from the same country, she cares about me for being the same south-eastern Asia nationality which is a great reassurance to me.  

  I have come to love Japanese food since I came here. My favorite now is the Izakaya menu which means dishes served at the bar. I especially like takoyaki and okonomiyaki which are unique to Japan. I sometimes cook kara-age (fried chicken), gyu-don (sauteed beef topped on rice), omu-rice (rice omelet) for myself with the help of an online recipe. I go to the Hilltop ’78 (a little bit far from the Faculty of Global Management) for lunch when I have classes. Curry rice and Ramen are cheap and the bakery here is the best.  

  Besides my life at Chuo, I work at the restaurant as a part-timer. There, I became friends with the nationalities of Sri Lanka and Nepal which I didn’t get to meet at the University. I am earning money for my living expenses and tuition. I also like to hang around urban cities and local areas to discover Japan. Traveling around new places will make your studying abroad experience more exciting. I wish to visit Okinawa and Hokkaido during a university student.

What a challenge to adapt oneself to a different culture and language!

▲Shopping at Shimo-kitazawa with my friend.

  I do have difficult times when studying abroad. I feel lonely for being alone in the first-ever place absence from the support of my parents or relatives. I sometimes get stressed out with a miscommunication arises from a cultural difference or being unable to communicate properly. On top of these, I need to work on household tasks and everyday difficulties. A daily shopping, cooking, washing and cleaning, everyday scheduling of classes, and a part-time job. Every single thing has to be done all by myself. I need to be independent in a real sense.

  However, it is challenging to adapt oneself to different cultures and languages. Under a new environment, we can gain self-sustainable competency although it may take time to get used to different living styles. I separated from my sister and started to live by myself this spring. I will do my best with the belief that facing and overcoming difficulties will improve my problem-solving ability and flexibility, as well as being capable in controlling stress effectively and gaining strength to tackle challenges.

  After graduating from Chuo, I wish to work at a foreign-affiliated accounting firm. These leading firms are well-recognized globally and require employees to possess high professionalism which means I can further brush up my specialized skills. To make my wish come true, I will do my best while in Chuo to absorb expert knowledge from professional teachers.


  Studying abroad offers you an incredible experience, and the opportunities it brings are immeasurable. Give your best effort while you're young, and savor every moment. The future holds a plethora of chances for you.

  Chuo University is a fantastic place where you can meet numerous friends and lay the foundation for your career. The bonds with friends and experiences in the academic community here will be invaluable assets in your future.