2023年度以降の授業実施について -原則として対面授業で実施- (別紙1一部修正のため再掲)






中 央 大 学    
学 長 河 合   久


 なお、授業科目の実施方法の詳細は、決定次第、各学部からC plus、manaba等でお知らせいたしますので、大学からのお知らせを確認するようにしてください。




November 21, 2022

To all students

Classes from Academic Year 2023 Onward

Hisashi Kawai
President, Chuo University

The University is now conducting courses based on various guidelines issued by the government. However, it can be said that societal conditions are still highly unpredictable concerning COVID-19.
Nevertheless, knowledge is being gained regarding COVID-19 and appropriate infection control measures are being taken these days, leading society back to pre-covid norms gradually. Considering this situation, and on the premise that sufficient measures against the COVID-19 will be taken as before, we have decided to maintain the AY2022 Policy for Class Implementation in AY2023 as well. In principle, courses will be conducted as “face-to-face courses” on each campus, but in case a class can be more effectively offered with online features proactively implemented, it will be offered as a “distance course.”
Going forward, instead of establishing a new class implementation policy every year, we will set the items given in the Attachment as the basic policy and will revise it as appropriate, based on changes in societal conditions regarding COVID-19 or amendments to relevant laws or higher education administration.
In short, we will continue to make every effort to help you have a fulfilling student life, and I ask for your continued understanding and cooperation.

As decisions are made, details of how to conduct each course will be announced by each faculty via C plus, manaba, etc. Please pay attention to notifications from the University.