Tokuyasu KAKUTA, Professor of Faculty of Global Informatics gave JICA training to the Indonesian Government staffs dealing with issues to digital transform the legislative

Professor Tokuyasu KAKUTA of Faculty of Global Informatics specializes in legal informatics, legal technology, Artificial Intelligence, education support system.

Professor Tokuyasu KAKUTA (the seventh from the right in the picture) of Faculty of Global Informatics conducted training to the participants from Indonesian Government on the topic of “digital transformation in legal service. This training took place at JICA Tokyo International Center (Shibuya, Tokyo) and counts the 16th. It was implemented as part of the project carrying out by International Cooperation Department of Legal Ministry of Justice to support legislation in Indonesia. In the training, Professor Kakuta lectured the history, global movements, and technical issues regarding the digital transformation in legislative as well as introduced its efforts in Japan.