10.International Network of European Studies

Outline Periods
  International Network of European Studies: INES, which started in April 1996 has been engaged in various research exchange activities so far, but due to a long history since its establishment and changing situations in the institution, it has been decided after careful consideration that our future activities will be on a project basis with a set term like other research teams. 
   During AY2013-2015, a research team named “The Planetary Society since 3.11“ was in operation.
   During AY2016-2018, a research team named “The Planetary Society and  the wisdom to facing and being with raw reality”  was in operation. 
   During AY2020-2021, a research team named “Resistances to Globalization” is in operation.
   The name “International Network of European Studies: INES” continues to be used when joint research activities are to be conducted with domestic and overseas research institutions, which has been approved by the Research Fellows Assembly.