8.Climate Change Law and Policy Beyond Borders: Interdisciplinary Approach

Outline Periods
The objective of this research is to study the interdisciplinary dynamics in the formation of law and policy on climate change. The “interdisciplinary” approach in this research means an approach that analyzes, evaluates, and creates mutual influences and relationships concerning the formation of climate change policies and norms beyond boundaries across multi-layered structure of global society, regions, nations, and local governments; among different actors such as governments, citizens, and businesses; as well as between disciplines (interdisciplinary), theory and practice, and theory and demonstration.
The academic significance of this research is that through the effort of analyzing and evaluating inter-disciplinary aspects of the process in which climate change policies and norms are formed and the current situation surrounding climate change litigation around the world, as well as with the new perspective created through the synergy, research team members will be able to share awareness of the issues, and utilize it for their research and analysis. This research will initially start with researchers in the fields of Law and Political Sciences, but due to the characteristics of climate change issues, involvement of researchers and practitioners in Natural Science fields will also be necessary. For this reason, we are planning to invite a wide range of collaborative researchers after the launch of this research team. Furthermore, overseas researchers, government officials, and employees of companies and NGOs will also be invited to participate as research collaborators.
The social significance of this research is that it will facilitate the formation of climate change policies and norms in Japan and eventually contribute to the global society by the research team members clarifying the actual situation and making recommendation regarding climate change policies based on the knowledge gained from inter-disciplinary research on climate change issues.
As a previous research to this research, a research cluster formation support project “Research on inter-disciplinary dynamics of climate change policy and norm formation” (led by Prof. Ushijima) is scheduled to run from August 2021 to July 2022. Our joint research will initially be positioned as the foundation of this project and later succeed it.