Tama Campus Welcomes Two New Faculties (Under Development)

  Chuo University has applied to the Japanese Government to establish two new faculties specializing in the combination of sports and agriculture with digital technology and aiming to foster next-generation talent, those who can cultivate a sustainable society and are capable of implementing “knowledge into action” while contributing to a global society. In response to this application, Chuo has been selected for the “FY 2023 Acceleration program for the reorganization of universities and KOSEN,” grants-in-aid for the reorganization of faculties and focusing on specific growth areas.

  Chuo offers Project Based Learning in coordination with lecturers who are career specialists in their subject areas, as well as locals and related companies. We expect students with various backgrounds to broaden their education and make good use of their knowledge and skills in mathematics and data sciences to develop education and research that contributes to both local and international communities.