German Language Training Activities Featured in Local Newspaper "Rheinische Post Düsseldorfer Sport"

The Faculty of Policy Studies organized a language training program in Düsseldorf, Germany, from February 3rd to 19th, 2024, in which 23 students participated.

Under the guidance of Specially Appointed Assistant Professor Adam Jambor from the Faculty of Policy Studies, the group attended German language classes at a school in Düsseldorf. They also explored historical landmarks such as Schloss Benrath, Kölner Dom, and Wewelsburg. Furthermore, the students gathered information by interviewing local institutions and practiced speaking German.  

Their visit to the Basketball Unified Team of Capitol Bascats and DJK Tusa was featured in the local newspaper, Rheinische Post.  

Through immersion in German culture, society, and history, the participating students enhanced their German language skills and developed competencies in understanding diversity and implementing practical solutions for societal improvement. These competencies align with the Faculty of Policy Studies' "Diploma Policy."

English translation for the local newspaper, Rheinische Post .

Rheinische Post、D5、February 14, 2024

Basketball: "Unified Team" receives visit from Japan

Word gets around about good work, and this certainly applies to the "Unified Team," a collaborative effort between the Capitol Bascats and DJK Tusa basketball clubs. This team brings together individuals with and without intellectual disabilities to participate in inclusive sports. Recently, the team had the honor of hosting visitors from Japan. Daniela Brendel, managing director and coach of the Capitol Bascats, was pleasantly surprised when she discovered an email from Japan in her inbox. The message was from Adam Jambor, Specially Appointed Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Policy Studies at Chuo University in Tokyo. Jambor, who grew up near Paderborn and studied Japanese Studies in Düsseldorf, has been living in Tokyo for eight years. Currently, he is accompanying a group of 23 students on a language course trip to Düsseldorf. "Many of my students are interested in the club system in Germany, as well as the topic of inclusion and integration," explained Jambor. During his research, he noticed that the "Unified Team" is part of the federal "Integration through Sports" program. "Inclusive sports groups are unfortunately not yet so widespread in Japan. That's why we wanted to gather a lot of information about this topic," emphasized Jambor.
The Japanese group attended a training session of the 'Unified Team,' where Brendel and Frank Heemsoth from DJK Tusa were delighted to answer various questions. “Our message was simple: just start, just do it. Let go of all hesitations! We train here in pairs with immense passion, hoping to inspire many others to follow suit. The best thing is that we all learn from each other here, we all benefit from each other. It's wonderful to see this development”, said Brendel. The absolute highlight will follow in May: The Unified Team will take part in the Special Olympics NRW state games in Münster.