Akihiro Oba, Institute Assistant Professor, Research and Development Initiative, received the Education 2.0-Visionaries Award, an international award.

Akihiro Oba, Institute Assistant Professor at Research and Development Initiative, was awarded the international prize, Education 2.0 Conference-Visionaries Award, at the awards ceremony held in Dubai,
UAE on June 19, 2023.

Upon receiving the award, the following comment was received from the Education 2.0 Conference:

“The Visionaries Award recognizes and honors exceptional innovators for their significant contributions that have truly affected global change in the field of Education and learning. The Visionaries Award
has started since 2022. We have not selected anybody in Asia for this.
We have selected only a few, and you are one of them. Not everyone gets this award, as it is very limited and given to only a handful of people.”

Dr.Oba, Institute Assistant Professor, has been recognized for his collaborative, demand-driven approach with local communities, research institutions, and government agencies in Mongolia and Inner Mongolia, China. His research activities, including capacity building, have been instrumental in helping nomadic herders and farmers who are suffering from extreme weather and desertification due to climate change. These efforts were highly recognized in the previous Education
2.0-Outstanding Leadership Award.

As a result of these research activities, approximately 30% of the nomadic herders in the study area in Mongolia actually changed their traditional nomadic style and took adaptive actions in the research
year. Today, these activities are spreading throughout Mongolia, and implementing this technology and system has been identified as one of the key factors in preventing severe damage caused by extreme weather at the national level. For these tremendous contributions to the field of education and learning, the Education 2.0 Conference-Visionaries Award was conferred.

Given that the situation remains critical for adapting to extreme weather conditions, international organizations and the government must continue to work together tirelessly. As such, Dr.Oba will
continue coworking with them in the Research Unit on Climate Change at Research and Development Initiative.

Moreover, our unit is currently developing a verifiable method for estimating greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to assist countries in verifying and compiling their Biennial Transparency Reports (BTR),
which are submitted to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) as agreed in the Paris Agreement. This is being done in collaboration with Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and other Central Asian countries, using GOSAT satellite observation data.
This project is essential to deeply collaborate with research institutions and government agencies while adequately capturing local needs. The award is expected to not only serve as the basis for the
unit's research activities when collaborating with research institutions, government agencies, and communities in various countries, but also to play a vital role in further development and

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