Chuo Tama Campus Welcomes High School Students and Teachers from 6 countries in Asia and Latin America (Sakura Science Exchange Program 2023)

On Wednesday, 17th May, 2023, 73 High School Students and 14 teachers from 6 countries among Asia and Latin America (Korea, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Columbia, Mexico and Peru) as well as interpreters and those concerned visited Chuo University’s Tama Campus. They have come to Japan under the “SAKURA SCIENCE High School Program,” of Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST). 

Chuo University has been supporting this program through accepting invited international high school students and graduates to its campuses. In the past, Chuo has opened its door for them to Korakuen Campus in February, AY2021 and to Tama Campus in December, AY2022, and conducted campus tours or classes tours. This year, besides the campus tour, the students who belong to Chikutokai (Japanese traditional instrument club) have introduced Japanese culture by creating opportunities to appreciate and experience Japanese traditional instruments. At the end, the invited high school students became good enough to play the Japanese famous song “Sakura” together with Chikutokai members. Furthermore, the members of G-ACE (a group of students at the Faculty of Global Management that support international students) have organized orientation program held at Global Gateway Chuo, Tama Campus, to introduce Chuo University and their Faculty. They enjoyed interacting with high school students and teachers who possess different backgrounds.

Chuo University’s Vice President, Hiroshi Shirai (Director of International Center/Professor of Faculty of Science and Engineering), students of Faculty of Global Management, and faculty members of Admissions Center and International Center have attended the orientation program. When it came to the part to introduce Faculty of Global Management, where most of the Faculty’s classes are held in English and many international students enroll, the invited high school students lend their ears very carefully and seemed to be very interested. In addition, the Polish Chuo faculty member, who herself was an international University student, explained about international student’s entrance exam and scholarships based on her experience. Many questions were asked by the invited high school students and teachers.

The G-ACE students of Faculty of Global Management have guided the invited high school students around the lush greenery Tama Campus and headed to the lunch place, “Hill Top ’78.” As there are many choices of where to eat in the Tama Campus, some of the invited students spent too much time to choose what to eat, leaving little time left to eat.

At the end of the day, the invited high school students and teachers seemed to have a great day, and it became to be a day to imagine campus life at Chuo University.