Prof. Suzuki of ISE exhibits at the academic exhibition of JAMS 2023

At the 31st of the General Assembly of the Japanese Association of Medical Sciences held every 4 years, Prof. Hisashi Suzuki at the Faculty of Science and Engineering exhibits the technology of reconstructing and visualizing some 3D surface shape by calculating the distance to each point on the target surface from any left and right images of the stereo endoscope.

Title 31st General Assembly of the Japanese Association of Medical Sciences 2023 Tokyo"Academic Exhibition"
Date Thursday, April 20, 2023 - Sunday, April 23, 2023
Place Tokyo International Forum Hall B5 Lobby Booth B-8

Osaka University, Osaka Institute of Technology, Chuo University,National Cancer Center, and Kobe University Hospital in collaboration are researching improvement of the autonomous level of local operation endoscopic surgery assistant robots, and developed a solo surgical system such that the surgeon can perform the procedure alone by using surgical assistant robots. Combining the surgical instrument segmentation through image analysis of the surgeon's posture with deep learning to the 3D reconstruction and visualization improves the level of autonomy of surgical robots in order to create a future surgery environment that is comfortable both for patients and surgeons.